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July 24, 2017

The Most Popular Android Games

People have many expectations of every small thing. When it comes to mobile games, people do not like every one that is launched and, in fact, many games are launched every day, but very few find tremendous popularity. People want immediate results and they do not like to wait. Video games are now in every mobile phone and every user can download them and play anytime. Some mobile games are developed for specific operating systems and devices, but many are built for many platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Playing games on Android phones is fun and there are a large number of games available, many of which are amazing. Some games need to be purchased to play their full versions, but there are also some games which can be downloaded and played for free. Here are some most popular free Android games of 2017.

For those people who love racing games, Asphalt Xtreme and Asphalt 8: Airborne are the best. These games have been launched by Gameloft. The graphics in these games are the best and give the feeling of real racing to players. Multiple players can play this game. In these games, developers have provided many famous race tracks for players to choose from, along with many different cars. To use these cars, players need to win games and earn points, which can be used to unlock cars and stages.

Critical Ops is the best game for those who love shooting and fighting games. There are many levels in this game and the targets are terrorists. This game also is being played online with other players. Developers are updating the game regularly to make it more adventurous.

Clash Royale has been launched by Supercell and is the best free Android game. In this game, players need to collect cards to create decks. To do so, they will have to fight opponents one-on-one, which can can be done online with other players. Players challenge others and share cards, and are able to unlock many new cards. It is the best card game.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has almost all the features of the original game. The graphics of this game make it almost like a hidden adventure. The town, hidden treasure, and secret dungeons all looks real. This game provides the excitement of finding things and solving mysteries. Players gets to experience many additional missions in this game, which makes it more enjoyable.

Heroes of Warcraft is also a card game. In this, players can again compete with others and build their decks. The developers are updating it regularly to provide the most interesting gameplay to retain users.

Craps is one of the loudest games in the casinos that make audiences to turn towards the table. It is a game where you will observe the contestants standing around a table and all are participating in active bets. Crapsgeeks is created to teach you the most basic details which are needed to achieve highest rank in Craps. Do not worry if you are new to Craps because you are at right place, dedicated to making you a Craps champ.

NOVA is of the most successful and popular shooting games for Android phones, which users have been playing for years. NOVA Legacy is the latest version of the game and delivers and enhanced game experience for players. The game has multiplayer mode, which let different people compete with each other at the same time.

Subway Surfer is being played the most. It has millions of players in all over the world. This game was launched in 2013 and, in few years, has become one of the most exciting games. The makers are updating the game and adding more fun in it to keep the players attracted. 


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