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TMCNet:  Hot Stock Alert!! MNDP

[November 13, 2009]

Hot Stock Alert!! MNDP

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) STOCK MARKETING INC PRESENTS : (PINKSHEETS: MNDP) Mundus Group, Inc., (OTCBB: BISU) Bio-Solutions Corp., (PINKSHEETS: VTSI) VirTra Systems, Inc., (OTCBB: TRDX) Trend Exploration, Inc., (OTCBB: NUBL) Numobile, Inc., (NYSE: WZE) Wizzard Software Corp. To sign up for our free Profiles & Alerts :: visit email us!! or call 1-866-583-8960 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PINKSHEETS: MNDP - Mundus Group, Inc.) LATEST NEWS!! Mundus Group, Inc. Announces the Formation of AirStar Geo Logic (AGL) A new division to provide services to natural gas, oil and mining industries by using its subsidiary's technology.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12 -- AGL will provide UAV Aerial Imagery & Data collection technologies to geological survey companies in search of natural resources in the mining of minerals, gemstones, precious metals and natural gas & oil industries.

AGL technology has a small footprint for the environment aerial non-disruptive technologies, and also provides increased accuracy that can locate resources and environmental dangers.

AGL provides remote controlled UAVs with GPS technology that, when configured with imagery technology, has the ability to: - track specific positions with large scale area seismic imagery ground sweeps; - hovering in one place; - track the topographical features while descending into difficult locations; and - offer real time views of seismic, optical, infrared and photographic onboard cameras for inspection of ground and structural makeup.

These abilities, while locking on an exact position, provide the collection of extremely valuable information with undisputable imagery resolution improvements. The ability to provide a focused detailing of ground stratification characteristics of fault lines around cliffs and ridges provide an enhanced 3-Dimensional model that far surpasses the predictive accuracy that can be obtained from any fixed wing survey.

AirStar manufactures UAV delivery platforms, as well as sells, services and provides training. AGL provide aerial photography packages, which will out-perform manned aircraft and helicopters for a fraction of the cost and provide strategic advantages to engineers in the search for natural gas, oil and mining as well as the building of bridges, roads and infrastructure in mountainous and hilly areas where fixed wing seismic surveys cannot provide the details that AirStar's hovering UAVs can provide.

AGL was formed to professionally service the geological, mining and natural resource industries with many calls over the past 15 years from engineering firms seeking assistance with detailed aerial analysis of construction sites, engineering projects, mining and natural gas and oil industries.

AGL is one of a family of niche UAV applications identified by Mundus as a unique division to be exploited and targeted for growth by expanding AirStar's capacity and ability to focus on each distinct market. Please see our website for our diverse UAV applications.

AirStar's proprietary CamCopters are famous for their major Hollywood films, commercials and documentaries and also provides a range of preconfigured camera ships that will fit into different budgets. We also offer assistance to the remote control operators who want to take their business to the next level with Aerial Photography of resorts, golf courses, sport events and other innovative aerial photography solutions that will generate revenue streams to their business.

About The Mundus Group, Inc.

The Mundus Group, Inc. (MNDP) is an advanced aerospace technology consortium providing patented Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology for experimental aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) since 1990 through its fully owned VTOL division, Roadable Aircraft International (RAI). Mundus is at the cutting edge of jet turbine-ducted fan technology and fuses state of the art design engineering and a prototyping facility with computer assisted auto flight technologies, Remote Controlled (RC) and composite technologies industry segments. From US Navy co-developed UAVs for aerial observation and environmental testing to advanced VTOL aerospace technology for civilian and military uses, Mundus Group, Inc. is developing revolutionary products with global potential for change that offers economic protection and growth opportunities for investors.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (OTCBB: BISU - Bio-Solutions Corp.) LATEST NEWS!! Bio-Solutions Corp. is Proud to Announce the Negotiation of Supply Agreement With the Government of 3 African Countries for GreenEx(TM) Its Main Product Targeting Malaria Vectors MONTREAL, CANADA, Nov 10, 2009 -- Bio-Solutions Corp. (OTCBB: BISU), is proud to announce the negotiation of a supply agreement for its main product GreenEx(TM) with three African Countries. This agreement will include the turn key operation of the spreading of GreenEx(TM) on highly infested sites within these countries.

'During our commercialization efforts of GreenEx(TM), we have realized that our integrated participative approach in highly infested countries gives Bio-Solutions Corp a significant competitive edge.' states Dr Chaumillon.

Management at Bio-Solutions Corp. has begun development activities less than 6 month ago in 3 countries. It allowed the company to validate its approach and to evaluate that it fulfils real needs. In a specific country, GreenEx(TM) has been regulatory approved to be used in a pilot study to demonstrate efficiency in a specific area highly infested and to confirm previous results obtained in different geographic area and different environmental conditions.

'It is important to mention that the environmental conditions and prevalent factors are area specific and require validation of spreading techniques in order to be adequately deployed. In that respect, due to the country specific project sizes, we need to develop partnership with health authority's upper management as well as respective government highest level of decision. Our intention is to develop long term multiple partnership to allow Bio-Solutions Corp. to reach profitability during the first year of operation and thus assure recurrent and significant revenues to the company while helping the fight against Malaria vectors, within these Malaria infested countries' indicated Dr Chaumillon.

For more information on Bio-Solutions Corp. and its products, please visit the company's website at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PINKSHEETS: VTSI - VirTra Systems, Inc.) LATEST NEWS!! VirTra Posts 6th Consecutive Record Breaking Quarter TEMPE, Ariz., Nov 10, 2009 -- VirTra Systems, Inc. Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems' CEO and president (Pink Sheets:VTSI), today announced VirTra's 6th consecutive profitable and record-breaking quarter. VirTra is known for setting the highest simulation training standard in the industry by developing the world's most effective and realistic firearms training systems for both law enforcement and military organizations throughout the world. With today's announcement, VirTra has now posted six consecutive profitable quarters since new management took control in 2008.

For the quarter ended September 30, 2009 and 2008, gross revenue grew 40.7% from $869,818 to a record $1,223,590, due to successful marketing and sales efforts and further market penetration of our brand.

Net income from operations increased from $307,716 for 3rd quarter 2008 to $456,303 (not adding back Amortization Expense of $118,263) for 3rd quarter 2009. This is an increase in operating profit of 48.3%.

Overall, VirTra has made consistent and substantial improvements in financial performance since the second quarter 2008. For the quarter ending September 30, 2009, net income is $364,485 compared to $189,453 during Q3 2008. Net income improved by $175,032 in third quarter 2009 as compared with third quarter 2008, which amounts to a 92.4% increase.

VirTra's cash on hand improved to $259,780 as of September 30, 2009 compared to $116,456 as of September 30, 2008. Also, Shareholder's equity increased over $1,170,000 to $6.54 million at Q3 ended from $5.37 million as of December 31, 2008.

A detailed report can be found at: "We are both thrilled and humbled to be part of a company that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers and shareholders time and time again. In addition to making the world's finest simulators, strong and consistent financial performance is one of our hallmarks as well," said Bob Ferris, CEO of VirTra.

About VirTra Systems The company produces the best-in-class firearm simulators for both law enforcement and military customers throughout the world. VirTra is the higher standard in simulation: from exceptional customer service to unparalleled technology like 360 degree HD training platforms and the Threat-Fire(TM) safe return fire system (patent pending). When training realism matters, military and law enforcement professionals consistently select VirTra's simulators to help save lives.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (OTCBB: TRDX - Trend Exploration, Inc.) LATEST NEWS!! Trend Exploration Identifies Several Acquisition Targets ATLANTA, GA, Nov 12, 2009 -- Trend Exploration, Inc. ("TRDX" or the "Company") (PINKSHEETS: TRDX) announces that it has identified acquisition targets in the medical, dental and biotech industries.

TRDX Management team has sourced acquisitions which include development stage and going concern companies including R&D companies that represent an opportunity to build a solid foundation for growth.

The Company looks forward to beginning the process to secure these acquisitions over the next few weeks.

About TRDX TRDX is a company focused on building a leading holding company for medical and biotech products and services.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (OTCBB: NUBL - Numobile, Inc.) LATEST NEWS!! NuMobile, Inc. and Enhance Network Communication, Inc. Announce 3Com Project With Hawaii Department of Education CARY, NC, Nov 12, 2009 -- NuMobile, Inc. (OTCBB: NUBL) today announced a project with the Department of Education in Hawaii. Enhance Network Communication, Inc., recently acquired by NuMobile, has engaged in a project with 3Com, the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) and the Department of Education in Hawaii to install a 3Com VoIP phone system on Maui. The schools included in the project are: Haiku Elementary School Kahului Elementary School Lihikai Elementary School King Kekaulike High School Makawao Elementary School Pukalani Elementary School Enhance is headquartered in Cupertino, California and has developed a proprietary large enterprise network security technology designed for managing the unique information management requirements of network-delivered government services. Enhance currently specializes in education solutions.

More information on Enhance can be reviewed in a recent Greenfield Partnership Program Webcast available on the investor relations page of the NuMobile corporate website titled 'NuMobile, Inc. Strategic Update Webcast.' Greenfield Partnership Program The Greenfield Partnership Program is an initiative launched by NewMarket Technology, Inc. to foster the development of innovative technologies and the introduction of those technologies to the global market place. Through the Greenfield Partnership Program, NuMobile has established a marketing partnership for its product line in Asia with China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: CCTR) and added a complementary line of mobile computing solutions through a partnership with AlterNet Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: ALYI). To learn more about the Greenfield Partnership Program visit

NuMobile Information and Email Newsletter To learn more about NuMobile and to sign up for company email alerts, please visit the corporate website at

About NuMobile, Inc. ( NuMobile is building a portfolio of security and software solutions for the global mobile computing and smartphone market. Through a roll-up strategy, NuMobile plans to acquire and develop mobile computing solutions for a variety of applications, including mobile banking, for the global marketplace. The demand for mobile security and software applications is being driven in large part by the growing number of mobile phone sales into emerging economies that currently do not have substantial access to the Internet via desktop computing. Already in North America, the Company has also forged a partnership in the Chinese market and is developing a plan for the emerging economies of Latin America and East Africa. NuMobile is a SEC fully-reporting public company listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (NYSE: WZE - Wizzard Software Corp.) LATEST NEWS!! Wizzard Media Launches 20 New iPhone Apps Eyes Future In-App Purchasing Opportunities PITTSBURGH, Nov 11, 2009 -- Wizzard Media (NYSE Amex: WZE), the world's largest podcasting network, today announced the launch of 20 more podcast Apps available for sale in the App store including the very popular children's podcast Story Nory as well as Botar's Old Time Radio. This brings the total number of podcast Apps launched in the first 100 days of the initiative to 89, with at least 40 awaiting approval and more being uploaded weekly. The prices of the new Apps range from $1.99 to $8.99 each.

The twenty newly launched Apps are iPhone(R) companion Apps for popular podcasts on the Wizzard Media Network. They offer audiences one-click access to the podcast episodes directly on their iPhone or iPod(R) Touch, bonus content and new social communication features, creating an unprecedented level of audience engagement. With the launch of the iPhone App store in iTunes(R), Wizzard created a unique iPhone App that can be quickly customized for each podcast and allows podcast publishers to generate a new revenue stream by marketing their own iPhone App directly to their audience. Wizzard shares in this revenue with the podcast publisher. Now, with Wizzard's unique podcast companion App for the iPhone, participating podcasts can market their customized App to their audience and once they have a substantial installed App user base, they can then drive future reoccurring episode and subscription sales through a process called in-App purchasing.

"While in-App purchasing won't necessarily work for all Apps we believe it has huge potential for the rich, episodic content of our podcast Apps," says Dave Mansueto, co-founder Wizzard Media. "It gives our podcasters the opportunity to offer their audience inexpensive subscription packages for new and exclusive content. With over twelve thousand content creators and tens of thousands of new episodes being added to the Wizzard Network quarterly, we believe we have a model here that can be recreated over and over. This is a new opportunity for our producers to extend the reach of their content and make money doing so." About Wizzard Media: Wizzard Media provides publishing and distribution services to podcasters and monetization services for podcasters. Wizzard Media is the industry's leading podcasting network with an unprecedented 1.2 billion download requests in 2008. Podcasts are a means for independent and professional content creators to publish audio and video shows for the world to enjoy over the Internet or on mp3 players, such as the Apple iPod(R), iPhone(R) and the Microsoft Zune(R). Podcasting is a relatively new phenomenon, but Wizzard Media collectively broadcasts millions of podcast downloads per day through media aggregators like Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's Zune Marketplace. With the holiday season approaching and the recent launch of the iPhone in China, Wizzard's Management believes the number of people using iPhones and iPod Touches to consume podcasts and interact with Apps will continue to grow well beyond the current 50 million user base.

For more information, please visit Wizzard Media is a division of Wizzard Software, a leader in speech technology distribution and development.

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