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October 21, 2010

Nexaira Rolls Out High Availability WiMax Network Adaptor

By Jayashree Adkoli
TMCnet Contributor

Nexaira Wireless, Inc., announced the newest addition to its line of high availability routing solutions, HANA MAX.

According to Nexaira, the HANA MAX is a high availability WiMax network adaptor. This powerful customer premise WiMax routing device is provided with a fully integrated 13 DB gain antenna in a secure tamper proof enclosure.

With the help of high-gain WiMax antennas, the device is able to improve signal strength as well as reduce noise considerably. This will facilitate for superior speed, reliability and network access for WiMax networks.

The HANA MAX device is provided with built-in management and security features. These features enable the device to act as a primary router or provide real time failover for wireless, DSL, T1, or cable network connections.

Equipped with Nexaira's patent pending i3GUI and user-friendly broadband routing firmware, NexWare, the new HANA MAX ensures complete router hardware redundancy via VRRP “virtual router redundancy protocol.” It also features XtremeSpeed WAN optimization that optimizes connections for WiMax for the highest possible speeds.

In addition, HANA MAX encapsulates all necessary components into a ruggedized enclosure, including a WiMax router with connection management and a passive high gain directional antenna, all powered over Ethernet cabling using HANA’s power injector “PoE” and ruggedized flame retardant case allowing placement into the building’s air plenum.

According to Carl Silva, chief scientist for Nexaira, HANA MAX addresses a variety of WiMax deployment issues. At the same time, the new Network Adapter also potentially generates incremental revenue for the service provider.

Silva added, "In addition to providing WiMax speeds, using WiMax diversity in IT network infrastructure, the HANA MAX will eliminate construction costs of alternate service or building entrance facilities. The mean time to repair (MTTR) of a WiMax connection is considerably less than wireline, and a business owner's revenue will no longer suffer simply because their wireline network connection failed."

Rusty Wright, vice president of product development at Nexaira, said, in a statement, “WiMax’s use of higher frequency decreases signal coverage compared to 3G, which combined with initial deployment of WiMax today being dependent upon existing 3G cellular tower locations, will result in many customers being out of WiMax service range.

Wright added, “HANA MAX’s high gain antenna enables WiMax service providers, resellers, and systems integrators to offer complete business solutions to customers in search of WiMax solutions for both primary service as well as having diversity in their network architecture."

According to Wright, HANA MAX addresses the growing market demand for high availability business continuity solutions for applications such as Kiosks, ATMs and replacement of DSL and T1 as the primary service solution.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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