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December 07, 2011

Altai Technologies Completes Successful Commercial Trials of Super WiFi Solution in Rural Towns in North America

By Meenakshi Shankar
TMCnet Contributor

Altai Technologies (News - Alert), a supplier of Super WiFi equipment revealed that it has successfully completed trials of its end-to-end WISP solution with fiber optics and WiMAX operators in North America.

This announcement follows Altai’s successful deployment of an island-wide wireless broadband network in Jamaica last year which is a single Super WiFi (News - Alert) network covering over 2 million people.

"The Altai WISP Solution is widely adopted by mobile operators and service providers. Our solution has delivered the reliability and scalability that are critical to service operators," Chi-hung Lin, president and chief executive officer of Altai Technologies said in a press release.

"The initial trials in rural towns of northern Canada, and mid-west U.S. with Fiber Optics and WiMAX (News - Alert) operators have been a great success and the nation-wide wireless broadband services are expected to be roll-out by mid 2012," Lin added.

The Altai WISP Solution is a turnkey wireless broadband solution including both RF and backend (service control, billing & prepaid card system and network monitoring system) equipment. According to the company, this end-to-end solution will now enable service operators to build up large scale network in days and generate an immediate revenue stream using a pre-paid card system.

Company statement emphasized that people in rural towns can now enjoy fast broadband Internet surfing with their Apple (News - Alert) iPhone, iPad or Android mobile terminals just like or even faster than the users in major cities in North America with 3G/4G wireless services.

Also, being the core component of the Altai WISP Solution, the Altai A8 series base station can be co-located with the mobile operators' existing cellular or WiMAX sites, thereby saving most of the site acquisition costs, wired backhaul costs and radio planning works and most importantly allowing rapid network deployment.

Altai’s statement said that the estimated total project investment in wireless broadband infrastructure is over US$100 million.

The Altai Super WiFi Solutions are being trialled and deployed by more than 20 tier one operators around the world. Altai also said that it is featuring its Super WiFi products as well as its complete end-to-end WISP solution in the Telecom India event to be held from Dec 7-9, 2011 in New Delhi of India.

Back in September 2011, Altai Technologies unveiled its low cost, pocket size and high performance Altai U1 Super WiFi USB Client, the latest addition to its Super WiFi solution.

Meenakshi Shankar is a TMCnet contributor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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