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March 22, 2010

WiMAX Market to be Supplied with Advanced Radio Head Technology by ArrayComm and Sumitomo Electric

By Hans Lewis
TMCnet Contributor

ArrayComm and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (News - Alert)(Sumitomo Electric) announced a collaboration to supply advanced remote radio head technology to the WiMAX market. Sumitomo Electric’s multi-antenna system integrates seamlessly with ArrayComm’s (News - Alert)A-MASmultiple-antenna baseband processing software, which combines MIMO, beamforming, and interference cancellation to improve system capacity and throughput, while reducing network cost.

Bruce Duysen (News - Alert), President of ArrayComm said, “Sumitomo Electric has recognized that the mobile network industry is trending towards four antenna base stations to maximize system capacity and economics. Base station vendors now have key, off-the-shelf hardware and software to speed time-to-market, while operators benefit from the huge capacity gains from using ArrayComm’s A-MAS processing in conjunction with a remote radio head.”

Dr. Hiroshi Hamada, GM of Strategic Planning at Network Systems Div. of Sumitomo Electric said, “ArrayComm’s A-MAS multi-antenna software is best-in-class for enhancing WiMAX (News - Alert)communication quality which is crucial for customer satisfaction. Our A-MAS-ready 4 channel RRH features low power consumption, compact design, and light weight, which are key BTS design factors and supportive of green technology initiatives. This collaboration between our two companies has significant impact on the total cost of ownership for WiMAX networks.”

Under this collaboration, Sumitomo Electric’s new 4 channel Remote Radio Head (RRH) is pre-configured at shipment for A-MAS compatibility, and includes a built-in calibration transceiver to support A-MAS downlink beamforming. Radio performance has been optimized for use with world-class baseband processing techniques, while maintaining small size, weight, and power consumption.

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