Super Wi-Fi 2014 Begins in:

The Global Spectrum Sharing and TV White Space Event

The Super Wi-Fi Summit is the Global meeting place for any stake holder interested in understanding how TV White Space and Shared Spectrum alternatives will drive innovation, new products, and new broadband revenue opportunities.

What is Super Wi-Fi?

Super Wi-Fi is a term we use to define alternative wireless access solutions, including:

  • TV White Space
  • Hetnets
  • Spectrum Sharing solutions
  • Cognitive radio solutions
  • Other spectrum frequencies that can be redirected and utilized “on demand’

In order to keep up with today’s exorbitant demand for data, alternative wireless access methods must be utilized.  Wi-Fi has alleviated congestion and provided the consumer with an economical path to the network, but the carrier’s relationship to Wi-Fi is not direct and other solutions must be sought.

The Super Wi-Fi Summit Conference Program

Attendees will hear from the entire shared spectrum community, from radio and device manufacturers to progressive thought leaders well versed on understanding how alternatives to licensed spectrum can be used to meet broadband demand.

Topics and Sessions Include:

  • White Space and HetNets: Delivering Infrastructure for Mobile Carriers
  • Using White Space for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Utilizing LTE and White Spaces to deliver service
  • White Space Devices and Radios - What are the capabilities and limitations?
  • Incentive Auction debates and how it will effect service roll outs
  • VC and investor outlook for shared spectrum opportunities
  • Worldwide White Space trials and commercial roll outs
  • U.S. and International Regulatory Issues
  • Role of the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISPS)
  • Future of White Space regulation

Hear from, and meet with the entire shared spectrum ecosystem including:

  • Database Providers
  • Wireless Service Providers - WISPs
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Investment Community
  • Associations and Advocates
  • Device and Radio Manufacturers

Join us in Miami and hear from the companies leading the charge for shared spectrum solutions:

Spectrum Bridge
New America Foundation
Texas Instruments
White Space Alliance
Carlson Wireless
And more…
Andy Mancone

“The Miami Super Wi-Fi & Shared Spectrum Summit provided a productive environment where I could meet with prospective partners, clients and even the opportunity to sit down with my competition both from an equipment perspective as well as other, adjacent standards proponents. The event provided great ROI and was a very productive use of my time.”
- Andy Mancone -KTS Wireless

Jonathan Adelstein

'I am pleased to be a part of this event that highlights the role of wireless broadband in our nation's communications network. Wi-Fi is a growing part of the solution for meeting the explosive demands for wireless broadband data. Delivering that broadband is critical to our nation's economic growth and productivity, the benefits of which extend beyond the wireless world to empower small business growth, and innovation in manufacturing, health care, education and most leading sectors of our economy.'
- Jonathan Adelstein, President of PCIA, former FCC Commissioner and Super Wi-Fi & Shared Spectrum Summit Miami Keynote Speaker

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