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Welcome to the Broadband Stimulus Online Global Community. This community has been designed to help network providers stay up-to-date on the latest news and information on the Broadband Stimulus Grant program that was introduced in February 2009. We created the broadband online community to help guide you through the grant application process and to provide you tools to help you select the right partner and right technology to address this unique opportunity.

  • Mobile Broadband Now Distorts National Broadband Stats
    The specific numerical values chosen are not so much the issue as the practical effect of revising definitions after including mobile broadband in the data. On the other hand, the inclusion of business connections with residential connections has a mixed impact. 9/3/2010

  • Study Finds Slowing Broadband Adoption in the U.S.
    The slowing of adoption in broadband markets likely reflects a saturation point for broadband: the remaining 34 percent of non-broadband households do not intend to subscribe (and are generally in the over 64 age group), however the Pew Research study noticed that the drop in household income due to the recession may be a contributor to the sluggish growth. 8/12/2010

  • U.S. 'Still' 23rd Globally in Broadband, Study Finds
    South Korea holds on to the title of the world's most advanced broadband market. Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Japan round out the top five slots, using a five-item method of calculating an index. Strategy Analytics says the measures are household penetration, speed, affordability, value for money, and "urbanicity." 7/22/2010

  • Free Webinar Examined Opportunities and Challenges in Open Broadband Access
    One of the most obvious points is that the business success of network and service providers depends greatly on the customers' satisfaction with the services. With the number of benefits that open broadband access can provide, customer satisfaction is assured. 6/9/2010

  • Canada Rural Broadband Provider Maximizes Capacity Usage with Loral
    Under the terms of its agreement with Barrett Xplore Inc., Loral Space & Communications, Inc. will be getting lease payments of 262 million Canadian dollars over the life of the ViaSat-1 broadband satellite, for the utilization of its geostationary capacity all throughout Canada. 6/9/2010