January 14, 2013


This article originally appeared in the Dec. 2012 issue of Next Gen Mobility Magazine.

Radiating Confidence

Cell phone users who are concerned about the radiation-related health risks of using their wireless devices can now use the app called tawkon to get notifications when radiation levels run high. The company at the Dublin Web Summit this October announced its app already has saved cell phone users from 10 million minutes of high radiation exposure.

The company says that 90 percent of the time that a cell phone is in use during a call, it operates at low radiation levels which indicates that the phone has a solid connection to the network. However, wireless phone users may be exposed to high radiation levels the other 10 percent of the time, according to tawkon, because the phone has to work harder to connect to the network.

“It is the high radiation spikes that pose as a health risk to users, especially when the device is up against the body,” according to tawkon commentary. “Just one minute of exposure to high levels of cell phone radiation is equivalent to five hours of exposure to low radiation levels. tawkon warns users when cell phone radiation levels are high so that users can switch to a headset, speakerphone or change  locations to protect them from direct exposure.”


Body Shop

Healthline Networks has launched BodyMaps for the iPad. This 3D learning tool aims to help medical students, doctors, and consumers better understand the human body.

Users can quickly drill down into anatomical structures from the skin through the layers of muscles down to the organs and bones. And they can view illustrated videos that show those effects in Retina Display detail.

“BodyMaps for iPad brings human anatomy to life for everyone,” said West Shell III, chairman and CEO of Healthline Networks.  “The exceptionally high quality imagery combined with our industry-leading health search technology, simple navigation and compelling content makes it a powerful learning tool, one that grows with users as they increase their knowledge levels over time”.

The BodyMaps iPad application is available the iTunes app store; users can purchase a single gender version for $8.99 or both genders for $14.99. Volume discounts for academic institutions are available through Apple’s (News - Alert) Volume Purchasing Program.


The Parent Trap

NQ Family Guardian is a new mobile app, which is installed on a child’s Android (News - Alert) smartphone, to give parents a means to monitor their children’s online activities.

It can used to block inappropriate websites and apps; filter out spam and other unwanted communications; control when the child can use his or her mobile phone; track the child’s location, messages, calls, browsing history, app downloads and photos; trigger alerts when a child arrives at a destination; launch panic alarms; and more.

“Recent Nielsen research shows that 58 percent of kids aged 13-17 own smartphones, and that number is expected to continue to climb. While most teens admit they’ve been given rules to follow, such rules have been difficult to enforce – until now,” says Gavin Kim, chief product officer at NQ Mobile (News - Alert). “With NQ Family Guardian, parents now have the ability to unobtrusively manage their kids’ mobile phone usage while also ensuring a safe and fun experience. “

NQ Family Guardian for Android is available as a free download on Google (News - Alert) Play. NQ Family Guardian is available free for a 30-day trial. Subscriptions are available as low as $34.99 per year.


Dual Identity

People who want to use their iPhones for both work and personal reasons, but want to keep those two worlds separate, can now do just that with BEAM 2.2 from Bitzer Mobile.

The application creates a secure, Windows Authenticated container on the mobile device that allows users to separate their personal stuff like pics, videos, etc. from secured business applications, contacts, calendar items and documents. 

The mobile device is connected to the corporate network via a secure tunnel for data transfer. This eliminates the security concerns of organizations because all of the confidential data and applications are secured in the container and only accessible by a login. And if users misplace or think they have lost their phones, the business data within the container can be locker or wiped remotely, but the personal stuff remains.

"We're delivering the most compelling solution today for security minded companies who are seeking to improve employee productivity and velocity of decision making through mobility,” explains Naeem Zafar, CEO of Bitzer Mobile. "Our support of true Windows Single Sign-On and access with a secure AppTunnel sets us apart in this industry. Now with BEAM release 2.2 we have further increased our differentiation."

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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