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Gary Kim writes regularly in the mobile, mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile banking, IP communications and broader communications industries. He writes for Carrier Evolution, TMCnet, Mobile Marketing & Technology, EtherNews and IP Carrier content sites, with and a primary focus on business models, end user demand and applications.

He has been a communications industry analyst, commentator and journalist since 1983, with periodic stints in the market research and service provider businesses. His current work in social media focuses on how brands can use content as part of their overall marketing efforts.

He graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in history and management and is a member of Mensa, the international organization for people with IQs in the top two percent.

He chairs annual meetings for the Pacific Telecommunications Council and the Mobile Payments Conference. He speaks frequently at other industry meetings as well.


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02/07/2014 Vodafone Earnings Drop Again
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