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Peter Bernstein is a seasoned writer and professional with deep experience in the communications and IT industries. As a top-level industry analyst, Peter has keynoted major technology events and has been cited numerous times by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, Communications Week, among other publications.

Bernstein has authored or co-authored market research studies, CEO speeches, white papers, articles, and other content for major companies in the technology markets. His experience includes work with Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Equant, France Telecom, HP, Siemens, Verizon, Nortel, Wave Systems, and many more. He held the position of director of global marketing and communications at Telcordia.

Having been on Advisory Boards for 15 technology start-up firms, Bernstein most recently worked as a consultant to C-level executives on all aspects of marketing communications strategy and tactics – from concept to cash, crisis management, brand stewardship, and helping establish metrics, manage processes and leadership practices.


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03/12/2014 Aruba Mobility-defined Networks Accelerates Move to All-wireless Workplace
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02/21/2014 FCC Acts to Ensure Better Wireless 9-1-1 Location Capabilities
02/21/2014 FCC Acts to Ensuring Better Wireless 9-1-1 Location Capabilities
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05/22/2013 CTIA Survey Finds Consumers Know Their Mobile Devices are Vulnerable to Cyberthreats Yet Don't Do Much to Protect Themselves
05/21/2013 Aruba Networks 802.11ac Solution Designed for the Next-Generation Workplace
05/20/2013 GS1 and Open Mobile Alliance Team to Bring Intelligent Barcode Scanning to Mobile Devices
05/10/2013 The Mobile Device of the Future - German University Looks Ahead
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04/24/2013 Fortinet Unveils Secure Wireless LAN Solution aimed at Distributed Enterprises
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01/02/2013 Instabridge You Make Instant Friend via Android, Wi-Fi and Facebook
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10/23/2012 Infonetics Research Finds Enterprises Planning Major Wireless LAN Upgrades
10/18/2012 Patent Issued for Hybrid Power-Saving Mechanism for VoIP Over WiMAX
10/18/2012 Trimble 'Road Ahead' Report Looks at Future of Field Service Delivery
10/17/2012 CTIA Finds a Whole Lot of Data Going On
09/18/2012 Diametriq and Tekelec: Taking the Measure of Diameter Networking
09/13/2012 Tekelec Index Highlights Coming LTE Diameter Signaling Storm
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07/23/2012 New York Poly Gets 5G Funding - 1,000 Times Capacity of 4G but Who is Counting?
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06/22/2012 AT&T and Sirius Get Serious Over Spectrum - Enabling Nationwide FDD LTE Deployment