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March 06, 2014

Jagermeister Launches 'JagerBonds' Mobile App-Drink Responsibly!

If you are someone who occasionally appreciates a good liqueur you probably are familiar with the brand name Jagermeister in the headline. This means I have your attention. Translated as "master hunter," it is the #1 selling imported liqueur in the United States and one of the top shot brands in the world.  Full disclosure, I tried it and like it. Plus, I grew up in New Rochelle, NY where their U.S. importer is located, and I have a family member in the wine and spirits distribution business. Hence, they had me with the headline on several scores.  But, why?

The reasons is, as those who follow me know, I like looking at cleaver marketing campaigns, especially when they make great use of technology. This is a good one.  

No need to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

As the headline states, Jagermeister launched its first-ever mobile app that is now available for Apple and Android devices. The goal is to cure what it calls the “Fear of Missing Out syndrome (FOMO)” which seems to be a problem many millennials (the beverage’s largest consumer group) suffer from when they are not able to join their friends in an evening of frivolity. The JagerBonds app solves the problem.

This is a great promotion vehicle they have come up with. The app transforms images and videos from multiple users' social media posts into a video highlight reel of a groups' night out with Jagermeister. If you could not attend at least you can get an immersive feel for what happened and stay in the loop on the discussion.  All the while Jagermeister is staying in the loop about you and your friends in what those who a fans of the drink will likely think is a fair trade-off, assuming they even bother to read the terms and conditions of app use.

Jagermeister for its part says that, “For a spirit best known for connecting consumers with uncommonly great nights, this app is a digital first platform that connects consumers' on and offline experiences.” 

JagerBonds app debuted the evening of March 4 at The Raven, a club in New York City popular music star Q Tip played to a packed house. Attendees enjoying a "great night out with Jagermeister" were able to upload those experiences to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram while JagerBonds working in the background compiled the posts and paired them with songs from some of today's hottest artists, including Fall Out Boy, Eli Young Band and Paul Oakenfold. In Jagermeister terms, they were “Bonded.”

The app will also be active in a partnership with WOVEN in Austin, Texas at the annual SXSW festival. intersection of both the Interactive and Music weeks at SXSW, where WOVEN is set to launch a new platform for the music and tech audience to improve the online branding experience. 

The ability to create a multiple media from multiple perspectives documentation of a night out with friends built around a brand is pushing the bounds if not the bonds of social and mobile in interesting directions.  This is something others not just in the alcoholic beverage market, or even in businesses looking to better engage the digitally adept and screen-centric young adults are certain to be watching. 

As with any interesting new twist on technology they should mind the warning routinely coming from the alcoholic beverage community, and “drink responsibly!”  And, I am not referring to the consumption of liquids. 


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