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Machine-to-machine communications is expected to be one of the largest growth opportunities for the industry in the next decade, and Sprint says it’s ideally positioned to outfit partners and end users with solutions on this front. ...


Next Wave Redux
Wireless Spectrum for Mobile Data
Spectrum politics is big news in the wireless community. In the U.S., the short-term outlook is grim, as AT&T and Verizon corner prime spectrum and Congress discusses auctioning the hard won, license-exempt TV white spaces.
On the Spot
The Rise of M2M Means Standards Are Critical
The simple fact is that standards are most conducive to economies of scale if they are compatible worldwide. Technology standards in particular are critical as the world gets "smaller" and connections increase at an exponential rate. Perhaps one of the most important issues today regarding worldwide technology standards is in regard to machine-to machine technology. Beyond the 5 billion devices connected to the Internet, the potential for greatest growth comes from M2M deployments.
Mobile Video View
Prepare a Checklist for Live Streaming Coverage of an Event with 4G
Basic live streaming coverage of events over the Internet is now available to almost anyone with a laptop and camcorder. New 4G networks are now rolling out from the major carriers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The new 4G networks, together with widely available 3G coverage, provide options for independent TV producers to capture live events from the field without the hassle of arranging for wireline access to the Internet. Mobile studios are now very feasible and give you great flexibility.
Mobile Musings
Public Safety and the Move to IP
Over the next few years, the way in which public safety systems deliver the necessary services to people will be changing fundamentally. The transition from traditional TDM-based public safety answering points, or PSAPs, to IP-based networks and capabilities has already begun, and has been driven by the National Emergency Number Association, which recently announced its formal approval of the i3 standard for next-generation 911 architectures.
Eye on the Money
Management of SDP Services - the Long Pole in the Tent
Back in late 2005, TeleManagement Forum Chairman Keith Willetts and I shared the idea that the very nature of services was changing. Previously services were essentially facilities - voice/tie/DSL lines, etc. In mobile they were shared networks associated with a billing plan and a specific device.
Caught in the Crossfire
If I Had a Million Dollars: Applying Concepts like Presence to the Legacy Wireline World
I have been privileged to be around a lot of good ideas, most of which morphed into markets and have lead to people being employed. So I will take it as a win. However, the good ideas are left out there like the punch line without the straight man.
Introducing Next Generation Mobility
This new quarterly publication from TMC will present and assess the most important developments in wireless as they relate to mobile communications in the business environment; key mobile applications in areas like health care and smart grid; wireless service providers' network builds and service strategies; content delivery; ecosystems; spectrum; finance; and the packaging, pricing and go-to-market efforts around all of the above.
Look, No Wires
Adobe Edges in on HTML5
The move to HTML5 is one of the most exciting developments I have seen in tech as it ties together cloud, mobile and the concept that programmers should be able to write once and have their programs run anywhere. Moreover, the hundreds of millions of Apple iOS devices that do not support Adobe Flash do/will support HTML5. As websites slowly begin the transition to this new web standard, every tablet should for the first time be able to view most every webpage.


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