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May 19, 2011

Neustar Webmetrics Unveils Mobile Device Monitoring Solution

Neustar Webmetrics, a provider of performance monitoring solutions including website and mobile monitoring and load testing services, announced the release of Mobile Device Monitoring, a new solution to provide performance monitoring of mobile applications, websites and SMS.

Mobile Device Monitoring offers a real-time view of the user experience on real mobile devices. It allows companies to develop fixes and resolve issues before the customer experience is adversely affected.

Enterprises require mobile device monitoring solutions to offer customers a mobile experience that accurately reflects the company brand in providing information and e-commerce services.

As customers increasingly depend on mobile outlets for instant information, the risks associated with performance issues are high. Mobile monitoring solution offers real-time feedback and informs the company when their native mobile application is not functioning effectively. Thus, the problem can be fixed before disrupting the customer experience.

As the popularity of mobile Internet increases, major retailers and other companies are increasingly depending on mobile channels for customer information, transactions and service. Adapting these channels entails unique challenges.

Additionally, due to the wide variety of devices, operating systems and carriers consumers use, developers today are challenged with accurately gauging the viability of their applications in multiple user environments.

Mobile monitoring solutions that offer real-world feedback by monitoring each application in a genuine user environment, on real mobile devices and carrier networks, are a real benefit to developers in this scenario.

“Consumers don't understand why a mobile application isn't working; they just know whether or not they've had a positive experience,” said Patrick Lightbody, director of product management, Neustar Webmetrics, in a statement. “A bad experience - no access, slow access, broken navigation - can send a customer directly to a competitor. That's why it's so critical for mobile applications to perform well because today's consumers expect mobile businesses to be 'always running'.”

The Mobile Device Monitoring solution gives developers a "reality check" by taking the user experience out of the software development lab and into real world environments. The service uses each handset's native browser rather than an emulated solution to conduct testing through real carrier networks instead of traditional WiFi or proxy solutions.

Recently Neustar announced partnership with GroundWork, an open platform for network, application, and cloud monitoring. The integration of Webmetrics into GroundWork Monitor Enterprise gives GroundWork users the ability to compare side-by-side dashboards for both internal and external monitoring needs.

Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for MobilityTechzone. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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