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February 23, 2012

Aradial Joins Forces with Runcom for a Packaged Solution Designed For ISPs

In an effort to provide a packaged solution for Internet service providers (ISPs), Aradial Technologies joined hands with Runcom Technologies to develop a combined integrated solution, which is a full NOC (network operations center) solution that consists of several pre-packaged solutions that facilitate operators to provide reliable, competitive and quality services to their subscribers at affordable costs.

As a provider of AAA, billing, customer management and policy control solutions for IP service providers (including WiMAX, Wi-Fi, ADSL, LTE, VoIP, IPTV and mobile data), Aradial Technologies offers a high-end Radius server and convergent billing software called as Aradial . suite. It can be installed on small hardware, on Windows, Linux operating systems, and over a variety of databases.

Runcom Technologies is an OFDMA pioneer offering end-to-end WiMAX and 4G solutions. Some of its key offerings include base stations, ASN gateways, NOC and a variety of high-end terminals such as WiMAX Voice and Video Phones and handsets that comply with the IEEE802.16e-2009 standard for WiBro and Mobile WiMAX applications.

Apart from allowing service providers to deliver high quality broadband and VoIP services to their subscribers at low costs, the joint offering also provides: broadband and voice services to remote areas where traditional access is unavailable; enhanced Mobile 3G networks to offload their traffic to Wifi; and more.

In addition, the joint solution also facilitates in implementing scalable Wifi or ADSL networks and billing for them, as well as policy control for broadband providers, VSAT and Mobile using Runcom's advanced SG-1 PCRF and Aradial's PCRF.

The joint solution integrates Aradial's AAA, Billing and Policy Control for data services integrated with Runcom SG1 PCEF server (as ASN-GW or Wifi gateway or PPPoE). This integration provides a solution that manages the access from CPE's to base stations and prepaid and postpaid billing for charging the subscribers.

Ori Etkovitz, CEO for Aradial, said in a statement, "Runcom has the leading technology, which is scalable, easy to integrate and complete for serving WiMAX, LTE, Mobile 3G, Mobile 4G and WiFi and we feel that our joint solution is best suited to the needs of data service providers.”

Etkovitz added, “The joint Wimax and internet services product supports bandwidth management, real-time network policy control and enforcement, all driven by our powerful AAA Enforcer and Aradial Convergent Billing. This breadth of functionality will further enable the operator to implement volume, time and expiration enforcement and to extend its current offering to current and future subscribers."

As stated in a press release, the complete NOC solution is already deployed at several providers in Europe, Africa, USA and APAC.

In recent news, MobilityTechzone had reported that AfriConnect Zambia has implemented the Aradial AAA and Policy Control solution to offer Wimax and future LTE services to the city of Lusaka and a number of other key cities in Zambia.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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