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March 16, 2012

UR Mobile: Bringing Mobility to the Enterprise

When it comes to cell phones, there’s no denying their presence. From people whipping out their phones at Starbucks to pay for their coffee to businesses equipping all of their employees with smartphones, the world has certainly gone mobile and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Four years ago, UR Mobile – a company that is focused on providing powerful mobile solutions for organizations across enterprise – saw the potential of mobile to revolutionize the business world and, accordingly, decided to make a play in the space.

“The goal was to allow nonprofits to find a way to raise funds via mobile,” Luke Lightfoot, marketing and client services from UR Mobile, told MobilityTechzone. “Originally, the idea was to create a mobile app for iPhone but Apple doesn’t allow fundraising through its app store, so we kind of looked at that and found that mobile Web was a good way to go.”

So, in 2008, UR Mobile created a platform so that individuals could access nonprofit donation forms from the smartphone of their choice and seamlessly make donations to the nonprofit. Since several employees at UR Mobile have a background in nonprofit work, that route seemed a natural one to take, especially since there was a need for that functionality and things were moving in that direction, according to company officials. But since then, UR Mobile has expanded its focus.

Now, the company offers its flagship UR Mobile Accelerate Platform, which is fully hosted and managed, that allows organizations to extend branding, marketing and business process to their mobile constituents. UR Mobile provides industry-leading solutions for financial services, nonprofits, retail, entertainment, technology, insurance, government, healthcare and education organizations.

“We really want to provide the best platform for whatever strategy people are looking to engage in,” Lightfoot said. “We want to make it as easy for businesses as possible.”

“What we think sets UR Mobile’s platform apart is that it’s an open architecture; it’s made to work with an open architecture so that whenever businesses are looking to create mobile Web applications and they are integrating these Web applications and services, they can do it in an open format that allows them to mix and match and to do it in a way that is agile where it’s not siloed once they do it. If they want to change and manage things, they can do that easily and they don’t have to start from scratch. They can create applications that they want to use for the foreseeable future or they can create temporary, almost disposable apps, for temporary campaigns.”

As trends like the bring your own device (BYOD) movement, cloud technology and the rise of mobility in the enterprise continue, UR Mobile predicts that mobile will quickly take off just as the Internet did. From geolocation services to mobile Web applications, pretty soon a company’s entire business will move into that space – from customer service to marketing.

Moreover, with the rise of cloud solutions and businesses decided to take a dabble into the cloud pond, UR Mobile stands ready to help integrate solutions so that information is being transferred between different departments and sent where it needs to be and that is something the UR Mobile platform helps with.

“We are looking forward to continuing to see how people will use the platform we have created,” Lightfoot said.

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Edited by Tammy Wolf

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