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May 07, 2012

Nokia Siemens' New Software Tools Link Network Performance to Customer Experience

Nokia Siemens Networks has released the most sophisticated tools for processing data more rapidly and intelligently, to help telecom operators build closer relationships with their customers.

The tools, Service Quality Manager (SQM) and Performance Manager (PM), deepen and broaden the information available to operators to ensure their networks deliver an excellent mobile broadband experience.

According to Nokia Siemens, operators can see exactly how well services are performing and prioritize network issues before they damage customer relationships. The tools provide the link between network performance and service experience, helping operators really understand what their customers are getting, stated Nokia Siemens.

Complementing Nokia Siemens Networks’ customer experience management (CEM) portfolio, the SQM and PM tools handle the growing flood and complexity of data from today’s mobile broadband networks, increasingly intricate as new technologies such as LTE are rolled out, new advanced services are launched, and with infrastructure implemented from many vendors.

“Network and service quality are highly prized by customers with 60 percent of heavy users of mobile broadband expecting excellent network quality even if it costs a little more,” said Mikko Hietanen, head of service and customer management, CEM business enablement at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Yet it is becoming more challenging for operators to deliver continuous customer satisfaction, because even on-target network key performance indicators (KPI) do not always translate into top quality mobile broadband services.”

While SQM uses intrinsic service behavior models based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ understanding of how services are affected by changes in networks and user behavior, PM incorporates more than 500 ready-made reports that Nokia Siemens Networks’ experience has revealed as the most important for helping operators understand network performance end-to-end. Regarding SQM, each model defines all the behavioral elements and key measures of a particular service for anything from voice calls to data services such as video streaming or Web browsing.

Thus, enabling SQM to turn complex network data into a simplified, accurate and meaningful picture of how well services are performing.

Edited by Braden Becker

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