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May 10, 2012

WiTT Enables Operators to Enhance Voice, Messaging Coverage via Wi-Fi

Despite advances, high quality indoor coverage is still a challenge for many mobile operators. But no more. Mobile communications company Syniverse has addressed the problem with a robust and scalable software-based solution that ensures a ubiquitous and seamless voice and messaging footprint, particularly in tough-to-penetrate indoor areas.

Called Wi-Fi Talk & Text (WiTT), it allows operators to enhance voice and messaging coverage in areas with an available Wi-Fi connection, said Syniverse.

According to a report from Nokia Siemens, the top three considerations among mobile subscribers looking to initiate service or switch to a new provider are voice quality, network coverage and messaging and Internet quality. As operators try to address all three components, a dilemma can arise for subscribers that use their devices inside their homes or other buildings where radio signals have reduced penetration.

“The 3G and 4G networks required to support surging mobile data traffic often occupy high spectrum frequency, which does not penetrate structures as effectively as lower frequency bands that primarily support legacy networks,” said Syniverse president and CEO, Jeff Gordon. “Consumers in advanced markets are increasingly using Wi-Fi to support their data usage, but with WiTT, a subscriber has a more reliable option over using a fixed-line telephone or an Internet-based alternative application.”

According to Syniverse, WiTT ensures seamless voice and messaging coverage by allowing a subscriber’s smartphone to automatically switch to IP-based calling and messaging when it enters a Wi-Fi zone. The entire experience takes place using the subscriber’s existing phone number, ensuring a fully integrated experience.

For operators, added Syniverse, the software-based solution uses standard roaming interfaces to provide a low-impact implementation process without the need for additional CAPEX or network integration, presenting an alternative to cumbersome unlicensed mobile access (UMA) solutions or stationary technologies like femtocells.

In addition to enhanced indoor coverage, WiTT also lets subscribers use an operator’s voice and messaging services over Wi-Fi inexpensively while traveling abroad, efficiently managing roaming costs for the operator and the subscriber while reducing the likelihood the subscriber will turn to alternative communication methods in these scenarios.

Edited by Braden Becker

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