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June 04, 2012

Boost Introduces 4Genie, Inexpensive Unlimited Plan

Faizon Love is the voice act for Boost Mobile's 4Genie: the mascot of a promotional campaign for its new non-contractual $55-per-month 4G service plan.

For $5 per month, the plan offers unlimited talk, text messaging, Internet access, e-mail and 411 calls to customers.

The 4Genie campaign will highlight the features of their new HTC EVO Design 4G LTE smartphone, the newest product in their EVO line, which hit stores last Saturday after a brief patent-infringement tussle with Apple. The HTC works with both 3 and 4G networks and can upload information at 3-6 Mbps.

The campaign intends to respond to frustrations voiced on various social networks regarding mobile technologies through their previous initiative: "Be Heard." As with the "Be Heard" campaign that precedes it, the 4Genie campaign was developed by an ad agency called 180LA. 

The 4genie grants the wishes of customers who want access to 4G, but cannot afford or access it through an Android contract. Commercials featuring the 4genie aired this morning for the first time on over 20 networks including ABC, NBC and Fox.

Facebook also plans to summon the 4Genie. On June 11, Boost Mobile will launch a "Wish Fulfillment Center" app on the social networking platform. The Center will allow customers to choose from an existing wish or make their own on which the 4Genie will issue individual video responses to select customers.

The 4Genie will also take over Boost Mobile's Twitter account in order to search it for more potential wishes.

Another emphasis of the campaign is Boost Mobile's new "Shrinking Payments" initiative that accompanies their $55-per-month no-contract plan. For every six payments a customer makes on time on with the plan, Boost Mobile reduces the $55 figure by $5 until they hit $40

J.D. Power and Associates awarded Boost Mobile the highest possible score for non-contract wireless service in their J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Wireless Customer Care Non-Contract Study. The study measured responses of 2,840 mobile phone users and their experiences with six of the nation's largest mobile phone service providers.

Edited by Braden Becker

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