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June 19, 2012

Alvarion Announces End of Year Release of WBSn-2450-I

Alvarion Ltd. has released its solution helping carriers and service providers implement a stronger, more powerful Wi-Fi solution called, WBSn-2450-I. The new Wi-Fi access point is an indoor installation only, but has proven that it can offer reliable connectivity to outdoor base stations as well allowing carriers to expand its coverage to indoor users.

Alvarion is a 4G communications company that manufactures and exports a range of network solutions. A couple of years ago, the company expanded and began offering Wi-Fi connectivity to service providers and enterprises covering a variety of industries such as mobile broadband, residential and business broadband, utilities, municipalities, and public safety agencies.

The company was one of the first to produce IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN equipment and currently claims it holds a world record of the longest Wireless LAN link ever achieved, 190 miles from the ground to a weather balloon. Since it took an interest in wireless technology, the company has been working on expanding its product line with the release of its WBSn-2450-I.

Alvarion said it geared WBSn-2450-I specifically toward businesses looking to provide large volumes of data to its users, but are in need of improving the coverage. The new solution was designed to handle large, crowded venues when connectivity is in high demand without going down.

“This product is built specifically for our customers who need to keep up with indoor data challenges, while maintaining a high quality user experience,” said Ulik Broida, vice president of products at Alvarion. “Our customers are looking for end-to-end coverage and high performance solutions. We were able to design this product with the same technological edge as our outdoor products, which are widely used for hot zone projects worldwide. The WBS-2450-I gives operators a high quality Wi-Fi access point that easily integrates with their core network, while expanding their service offering.”

In a recent press release, the company detailed the WBSn-2450-I specifications saying it’s based on “Alvarion’s two-way adaptive Beamforming 802.11n, 3x3 MIMO with three spatial data streams and powerful support of 2.4 and 5 GHz radios allowing access to existing Wi-Fi devices, as well as, to new devices being released now with 5 GHz support.”

The new Wi-Fi solution will be available later this year. 

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