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June 29, 2012

Telguard's Upgrade Incentive Program Enables Dealers to Transition from 2G Cellular Alarms to 3G/4G Solutions

Alarm monitoring solutions provider Telguard, a division of Telular Corp., has announced a one-of-a-kind Upgrade Incentive Program. In fact, the company said that to implement the program it is pledging $5 million, which will protect the security industry from 2G sunset.

According to Telguard, the incentive program rewards dealers with up to $25 when they replace any manufacturer's installed 2G cellular alarm communicator with one of Telguard's solutions for 3G/4G networks.

The monitoring services provider said that the affects of the 2G sunset are already being felt in some areas due to spectrum refarming. Consequently, added Telguard, security dealers must prepare for the inevitable replacement of 2G (GSM & GPRS) based cellular alarm communicators.

Telguard said that for each month a dealer fails to fully adopt products for 3G/4G networks, the financial impact of the 2G sunset grows substantially because they are installing equipment that will need to be replaced later. Consequently, the Upgrade Incentive Program was created to help dealers easily and proactively start converting their base of 2G customers to Telguard's 3G/4G solutions which will survive the 2G sunset, said the maker.

In a statement, said Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development, Telular, "There are three barriers that make it difficult for dealers to adopt a new technology that will survive the 2G sunset. Telguard has been working to address all of them since last year," he added, "We eliminated the first barrier, habit, by seamlessly evolving our complete line of 2G products to 3G/4G making it impossible for our dealers to make a poor technology choice. The second barrier, price, was eliminated by offering our 3G/4G products for the same price as 2G solutions. Now, with our Upgrade Incentive Program we can help overcome the third barrier, procrastination, with a multimillion dollar fund to offset costs for dealers who choose to proactively upgrade their customers."

The company said that starting in July, the Telguard Upgrade Incentive Program is open to all dealers. The next time a dealer is on a service call to a customer with any brand of 2G product, they simply replace it with a Telguard 3G/4G unit, follow the steps on the Telguard Upgrade Incentive Claim Form and they will receive their incentive credit on their next cellular service invoice, stated Telguard.

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Edited by Rich Steeves

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