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August 17, 2012

IP Expert Network Instruments Enters Mobile Carrier Market

Network Instruments, a company that's been providing Internet-based solutions to the majority of the Global Fortune 100, just announced it will support LTE in its "Observer" performance management platform.

This platform will allow operators to see how their data flows through a high-speed LTE environment, helping them mitigate problems more easily. This way, mobile carriers can have an eagle's-eye view on their LTE infrastructures, complete with metrics showing data in all levels, whether it be from the tower or the core of the network.

Problems can therefore be resolved quickly and subscriber satisfaction jumps.

"For many years, large mobile customers have relied on our network performance management solutions for monitoring their business operations,” said Douglas Smith, president of Network Instruments. “As they shift to LTE, we can now offer long-established IP expertise and in-depth analytics to the backhaul side of their operations. Providing the largest and fastest capture and analytics technology available, we can help to ensure their highest revenue-generating services are delivered successfully."

Mobile operators are starting to get their feet wet in new territories with the emergence of high-speed communication capabilities, the likes of which have not been seen until recently. This makes a new demand for monitoring utilities that will allow them to understand the flow of their data to make sure that communication between its subscribers is as seamless as possible.

Network Instruments proudly presents these operators with GigaStor, a solution that gives carriers a full understanding on how their data and services flow through their own LTE networks.

"As carriers ramp up implementation and use of 10 Gb or 40 Gb, they can rely on our purpose-built capture and analysis technology for quick troubleshooting or evaluating long-term user demand,” said Charles Thompson, director of product strategy at Network Instruments. “With its ability to store petabytes of packets and trending data, GigaStor helps with every aspect of managing and optimizing LTE performance. With our scalable hardware, mobile providers can increase their storage and monitoring in the field as subscriber traffic volumes grow."

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Edited by Braden Becker

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