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August 27, 2012

Edgewater Wireless and Aptilo Network Ease Mobile Data Load

Mobile service providers are barely keeping up with the amount of data their customers are requesting and by 2014 this demand will be five times greater than today. One of the ways wireless carriers reduce the strain on their resources is by using Wi-Fi in many of their biggest markets. Edgewater Wireless and Aptilo Network recently revealed they have completed interoperability of WiFi3 to provide a more efficient mobile data offload solution for mobile wireless companies.

Mobile data offloading is the fastest growing segment for companies offering Wi-Fi solutions and WiFi3 is seen as the next evolution in this technology. Compared to standard Wi-Fi, it reduces interference and delivers performance in areas populated with complex radio frequency environments while providing better security and flexibility. Access points enabled with WiFi3 have thorough put capacity greater than 50 times compared to single channel access points. Edgewater’s multi channel access point is able to deliver a solution for wireless companies with the limited mobile and cellular spectrum they have available to them.

Aptilo Technologies is providing the management of this technology for the wireless companies. It has been a provider of systems in managing mobile data services for different types of networks including LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi. The carrier class solution from the company deploys maximized functionality and pre-integrated authentication for wireless carriers and reduces the use of valuable resources in existing systems. It provides services in more than 40 different countries for companies such as Nortel, Cisco, HP, Telecom New Zealand and Cablevision.

Andrew Skafel, president of Edgewater said partnering with Aptilo will accentuate the strengths of WiFi3 by making more opportunities available for the delivery of high performance carrier class solutions for large wireless carriers and service providers.

The true potential of WiFi3 is being used in developing countries around the world where the geography and economic restrictions make other types of infrastructure unpractical. Skafel added, “We expect Africa to be one of the fastest-growing markets globally for Wi-Fi over the next 5 to 10 years. The inherent advantages of Edgewater Wireless WiFi3 technology are a perfect fit for the large and rapidly emerging data access markets in Africa.”

The growth of smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices relying on wireless networks demands a real solution before full penetration by these products in the market place is achieved. The FCC is making different spectrums available to the carriers in the hopes of giving these companies the tools they will need for the eventual growth.

If the U.S. is going to compete or even keep up with other countries in the wireless race, it has to be more proactive in opening up the airwaves without bureaucratic delays that makes the technology obsolete.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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