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August 28, 2012

Corning MobileAccess to Keep Connections Running During Conventions

With the Republican National Convention getting off to a shaky start thanks to interventions of an incoming hurricane, and the Democratic National Convention not too far behind, the question on at least some minds is "will the Internet access stay on?" Thanks to an announcement from Corning Incorporated just a few hours ago, the answer to that question is a lot more likely to be yes thanks to the deployment of its MobileAccess system throughout major locations in both Tampa and Charlotte alike.

Corning's MobileAccess system, a distributed antenna system or DAS, will provide not only continuous wireless access, but also improved cellular coverage, to fully 12 primary locations across the two cities, including hotels and the convention centers themselves, such that the large numbers of users expected to be on the network at the same time have the best chance of being accommodated.

Better yet, places like the inside of large venues--which is an excellent description of just what a convention center is--that don't normally get good cell phone reception will get it much improved thanks to Corning's MobileAccess. The DAS inside the Tampa Convention Center alone is geared to cover fully 600,000 square feet. Charlotte Douglas International Airport also brought in a Corning DAS to provide coverage for its 1.8 million square feet, proving that the Corning DAS has the power to tackle most any size venue. Additionally, its support for the various connection types, including 4G LTE MIMO, allows it to not only get service to the hands of more users, but also make the service of the best possible type.

Large numbers of users in a confined space, indoors, is perhaps one of the worst engineering problems in terms of providing wireless access. It's one thing when large rooftop towers can be used to cover an area, and it's another when there are only a handful of users indoors. But the combination of big numbers and small indoor spaces can wreak havoc on connections. Corning's MobileAccess DAS system may be just the thing to minimize the problems that would likely happen during such a major event, and keeping information flowing freely from the convention floor to the rest of America--indeed, the rest of the world--is a task that's downright vital. It helps that the Corning MobileAccess system has been previously deployed in several places, but only time will tell just how well Corning's MobileAccess DAS system works. Still, it's a safe bet that it will work much better than the system would have worked without it.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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