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September 11, 2012

Amobee PULSE Creates Looks to Shake Up Mobile Advertising

Advertising, of course, is a massive part of online endeavors these days. From streaming video to webcomics, to news sites and everything in between, advertising helps them run. Advertising also helps those businesses that buy it get the word out about their products, and in a down economy, anything to help people actually buy their products and services is welcome.

That's why both sides of the advertising equation will be happy to see the Amobee PULSE Create system, which launched yesterday.

Amobee, one of the most well-known firms in mobile advertising, has offered the PULSE Create system as a way to effectively make better advertising by better monitoring the effects of current advertising. The PULSE Create system allows for not only measuring performance, but the creation of both rich media campaigns and mobile 3D campaigns.

The rich media ads will offer MRAID compliance, and both the rich media and the 3D ads can run on any major network around the planet, which should yield increased time spent in the ad itself.

The combination of the PULSE Create system, and its monitoring system, PULSE for Publishers, allows larger publishers to clearly exhibit the value of their advertising by being able to make the ads, and show their impact.

This allows for better tailoring when it becomes clear which ads are working and which ones aren't.

"Amobee continues to push the envelope and offers the best-of-breed mobile advertising platform,” said Trevor Healy, CEO at Amobee, describing the value inherent in Amobee services. “3D is a game-changer in mobile advertising. 3D ads engage mobile users and deliver results in ways never seen before. By tightly integrating PULSE Create into our PULSE for Publisher platform, we can now demonstrate how much more effective 3D ads are, and deliver unprecedented results."

One of the biggest problems in marketing is the comparative inability to tell just what kind of impact an ad had. Creating a commercial and putting it on air was essentially like throwing out a message in a bottle and hoping someone responded, but on a much larger scale.

Sure, there was always the option to create coupons with print ads, but even this was only somewhat effective. With PULSE Create and PULSE for Publishers, the picture can get a little clearer, if only for mobile advertising.

With more users going to mobile devices, having a presence in those devices is simply a smart thing for marketers to do, as having a presence in a growing type of media means a whole new class of potential customers to impact.

The concept of marketing will always be at least part art as opposed to pure science, but getting a little more science involved in the mix certainly can't hurt. PULSE Create, and PULSE for Publishers, looks to make an inexact science just a little more exact.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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