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September 12, 2012

Why Mobility Tech is a Must Show

There are so many musts in this world that the expression “Be careful you don’t should all over yourself” is a favorite expression among the ‘friends of Bill.’

Shows are built for audiences and the people that matter.  We are in an interesting phase right now in our development of the mobile Internet.  The physical layer of radio frequency is being masked by the application rich world.  

The Mobility Tech Conference and Expo encompasses the recognition that RF has become a by any means necessary experience. Everyone is doing their best to make the app world sing but it’s not a two way street.   I need the wireshark app for my phone to prove this.

The app world has a lot of chatty apps that make the network pass information back and forth as if the goal was to play ping pong rather than be efficient.  In the end the user’s experience on flat rate pricing provides a drain on the battery. On the carrier’s side it’s a complaint and for the app developer it’s not on their radar.  And of course we have the device manufacturers, particularly Apple building for fun. Therefore, we have a problem that manifests itself in a way where every other party is suspicious of each other.  

Mobility Tech provides the benefit of talking about the entire ecosystem, in a way that’s suppose to bring everyone together to let the enterprise managers see that BYOD can be managed, that carriers can expand capacity and that device manufacturers can serve app developers in a way that enhances the network experience for the user.

The “Must” of the show is simple: if you want to plan a mobile strategy you must look at the ecosystem entirely.

Want to learn more about today’s powerful mobile Internet ecosystem? Don't miss the Mobility Tech Conference & Expo, collocated with ITEXPO West 2012 taking place Oct. 2-5 2012, in Austin, TX.  Stay in touch with everything happening at Mobility Tech Conference & Expo. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca

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