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September 17, 2012

Microgaming Announces Two New Mobile Slots Games

There is very little doubt that when it comes to the mobile platform gaming is making its mark. While people will always look to the iPad or the Kindle fire as devices where they can check their e-mail and watch video or listen to music, gaming is still going to be the king of uses for most people.

That is one of the reasons that more and more companies are trying to get into the mobile gaming industry. It is also not all that surprising that some of the most basic mobile games that are kings of the hill have to do with some sort of trivia or gambling. 

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Microgaming is one such company that long ago saw the potential of giving people the ability to feel as though they are inside their favorite casino, while actually benefitting from the peace and quiet of their couch. Microgaming is now announcing that they are releasing two new games based on the traditional form of slots. These games will be released using HTML5 programming language so they will be accessible from a huge variety of different devices.

The two new games that Microgaming is releasing are being called Ladies Nite Slots and Spring Break Slots. The company released a statement regarding the games and their dominance of the mobile gaming market, especially when it comes to games that have this kind of theme. Microgaming said that they “set the standards for mobile gaming in the market with a greater depth and breadth of products and games available than its competitors.”

Microgaming released their first Mobile Casino in 2004 and they now have more than 40 different clients that are licensed to use their various mobile games. There are now more than 75 different games that can be made available with almost all of those games focused on slots and other games that have a casino style look and feel.

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