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September 20, 2012

Sentry 6.0 from Bradford Networks to Provide Secure BYOD Policies

In an effort to cut costs, many companies are starting to adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. The problem is employees are using their device without the proper security measures in place.

A recent study revealed only 9 percent of most organizations was aware of the devices accessing the corporate database or resources. The study also suggested more than 60 percent of the organizations allows their staff to bring their own devices, yet they don’t have a policy in place about mobile devices.

Sentry 6.0 from Bradford is designed to protect your organization from the devices your employees use to connect to your network.

"Organizations are embracing BYOD but struggling to figure out the specific steps that are required to devise a relevant BYOD strategy,” said Tom Murphy, CMO at Bradford Networks. “With its new automation, workflows, management and integration features, Network Sentry 6.0 enables companies to quickly and easily devise and implement a BYOD Blueprint that provides appropriate visibility and control across their network, Bradford Networks has earned its thought leadership through years of anticipating customer needs ahead of emerging trends, and delivering features that address critical security requirements. Network Sentry 6.0 is the latest example that security doesn't have to compromise productivity."

Network Sentry 6.0 can be deployed on Bradford’s cloud, SaaS, virtual setups or dedicated hardware with the same functionality and adaptability no matter what kind of platform an organization uses.

The Network Access Control from Bradford is able to integrate different security software and manage it to provide access to the network. Sentry 6.0 is part of the new Adaptive Network Security (ANS) system, which adapts to the needs of the growing environment of the network.

It integrates network infrastructure, desktop security, and other security solutions without major modification to the components of the network.

An organization planning on implementing BYOD has two important criteria it must follow to protect its network. The first one is to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting with critical assets of your organization, and recognizing the devices is only possible if you have the right security solution. With the right recognition security software, you will be able to stop unauthorized devices.

The second is to discover what is in your network. Identifying, profiling and assigning a security policy on the device and its location will give you better control and prevent unauthorized use. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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