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September 20, 2012

Airline to Provide Wi-Fi and Mobile Access

In this technologically reliant world, the capacity to offer Wi-Fi and mobile phone access is becoming more and more important. Increasingly, businesses that you may not think of in terms of being Wi-Fi hotspots are wrangling the power of the net. Cafes, movie theaters, and even laundromats are starting to include Wi-Fi into their business plans as a way to stay competitive in this flooded marketplace. Everywhere you look, the Web is becoming more and more available for people with business and personal interests online.

The latest development in this trend is that airlines are beginning to offer Internet connection and even mobile phone service. This is quite a turnaround from the days of “please turn off all cell phones and devices.”

The fact of the matter is that the demand for Internet and phone service is staggering as people become more and more tied to their technologies. Airlines need to adapt or face serious declines in customer satisfaction. Businesspeople who are deprived of connection to their mobile devices for international flights and even domestic flights live in a state of anxiety until their plane lands. Garuda has chosen to adapt.

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Garuda Indonesia will now offer access to OnAir’s services, including mobile phone and Wi-Fi service in-flight. Passengers will now be able to text, e-mail, and surf the Web at their leisure—hanging out in chat rooms, keeping up with blogs, even browsing their social networks. These services will let passengers use their own devices, rather than those supplied by or built into the planes themselves. The soft opening for these new advances is later this very year. 

Gardua is the national carrier of Indonesia, and will install these new mobile and Internet capabilities on its entire fleet of aircraft. These planes travel all across Asia, the Middle East and even Europe. OnAir provides this kind of service all around the world, offering passengers consistent access to the Internet, even in the sky! 

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