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September 24, 2012

BeroNet Rolls Out Cloud-Managed Mobile Services

The German company beroNet announced today that it is set to globally launch its new telephony appliance, the development of which has been underway for just over a year. The appliance is a modular, open OS platform that is both agnostic and compatible with any of the software available in today’s market.

This new telephony device runs along with Intel processors and was developed to be compatible with a platform that is still and silent. 

The base is made of very durable aluminum, impervious to rust, and can be used in any sort of connection scenario. The flexibility of its services is one of the qualities that set it apart from any device of its kind already developed.

The objective, with the telephony device, was to create an appliance that could serve the widest range of customers, whatever their current connectivity situation. The appliance is sure to be a hit with customers from a number of different providers. 

The appliance also features a PCM interface, but even when active it can still be completely monitored and managed through the cloud platform associated with beroNet. The ability to connect to the cloud is another hugely important aspect of the device, and was one of the things that its developers concentrated on above all during the design phase.

The appliance is small and compact, and very easy to maneuver and bring along with you. Overall, it is an incredibly environmentally friendly setup. 

This is the newest product to come from the minds at beroNet, active since 2002 in the design world. The German maker of cloud-managed devices and software is a leader in its field, and services customers from across the digital spectrum, making it one of the best-known and reliable companies of its kind.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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