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September 26, 2012

Galaxy and Android Battle for Smartphone Supremacy

It’s difficult to argue that Apple has swept most of the smartphone market. Consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of the iPhone over most mobile devices, as poll after poll has shown.

The arrival of the iPhone onto the scene practically annihilated the Blackberry, and other rather established devices. The recent release of the iPhone 5 demonstrated that Apple’s hold on the mobile market is as strong as ever, and that iPhone owners are extremely loyal to their mobile phone of choice.

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That said, there are some beyond the majority who seek out alternatives to the iPhone. For this crowd, there are still plenty of smartphone options with varying levels of sophistication. For those whose tastes stray from the iPhone, there are alternatives like the Android. And for these companies, competition is just as stiff as ever. 

Lately, Samsung has been trying to establish itself as the leading alternative to the iPhone. The South Korean technology company is gearing up for a huge shift in its business practices, according to reports. Samsung is getting ready to release its first smartphone, the Galaxy, that uses the Tizen platform. The Tizen system is a Linux, open-source competitor for the Android, and is being adopted by more and more companies, including Samsung. 

The addition of Tizen to the Samsung plan may attract customers who are not satisfied by other smartphone options. The best thing for Samsung to do now would be to educate the public about what, exactly, Tizen is and why it would be to their benefit to use this platform over others.

Most consumers will not know off the bat what this alternative platform has going for it, in terms of benefits. It is unclear when the new Samsung phone will be released, but Samsung should get a jump on popularizing the Tizen option beforehand. 

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