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September 26, 2012

Blackberry Gears Up for Big Re-release

The BlackBerry is about to get another chance on the market. RIM, the company behind the somewhat dated device, plans to re-release a new model of the BlackBerry on six continents this year. It turns out that while the device has gone out of style in the United States, the mobile device is alive and kicking elsewhere around the globe. 

RIM is in talking with more than 30 carriers regarding the new model, BlackBerry 10. Response from interested parties has been extremely encouraging and positive for RIM. Operations in places like Mumbai and Singapore are the most vocally enthusiastic about this new product. The BlackBerry is still very popular in these and other regions. 

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The demand for BlackBerry technology has, undoubtedly, dropped off in North America, so RIM is hoping that lingering goodwill for the brand around the world will help their numbers. In America in particular, the iPhone has cornered the market for smartphone technology, with Android technology the most popular option for most people.

BlackBerry’s losses have soared to nearly 50 percent this last quarter, so the company is in real need of a dramatic comeback. RIM must persuade carriers and customers that it is worth embracing the BlackBerry 10. The company is leading with the promise that users will be able to run multiple programs at once, which is, to be fair, quite the capability and important to many customers. Whether it will be enough to win people away from their Android phones remains to be seen. 

Regardless of how much interest and value they’ve lost of late, RIM remains optimistic about the ability of the BlackBerry 10 to win back customers. The company isn’t unrealistic about the odds that are stacked against it, and has stated that they hope to become the third most popular phone service, after Apple and Android. Perhaps they will be able to come back and claim that third place spot, after all. 

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