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September 27, 2012

Cell C Adds Protection with Crossbeam's X-Series

Cell C, South Africa’s mobile phone company, has selected Crossbeam’s X-Series Security Platform to protect its more than nine million subscribers and internal infrastructure against security threats. It also allows Cell C to maintain its current firewall while providing high availability and scalability.

“One of our business challenges is being able to securely scale and manage the huge growth in data usage. It is imperative that we deliver on a great customer experience while maintaining the strongest levels of protection,” said Cell C’s chief technical officer, Joe Brittz. “We need a partner who understands our requirements and is proven to deliver high-performance security in carrier-class environments. Crossbeam is that partner."

Crossbeam’s X-Series Security Platform provides firewall protection for 10 times the volume of data traversing its network with the ability handle the expansion of mobile subscribers and to interface with corporate functions, such as, bill transactions.

“Cell C’s expectations for security performance reflect a growing awareness we’re seeing among mobile operators, that successful expansion – both in subscriber growth and new and innovative services – can’t be responsibly managed without the proper security controls in place,” said Peter Doggart, Crossbeam’s senior director of global marketing. “Cell C is a great example of a new level of security leadership we’re seeing among mobile operators, and it represents a great opportunity for us to demonstrate Crossbeam’s proven expertise in delivering security performance within these environments.”

Crossbeam is a network security company that has transformed Enterprise networks, aligning security into the private cloud within the virtualized next-generation data center (NGDC).

X-Series is a revolutionary network security platform that allows for the consolidation of hundreds of security appliances into one virtualized platform with any combination of best-in-class applications, Imperva, McAfee, Check Point, Sourcefire, orActiance.

Crossbeam is rated in the top 20 of services providers in the world.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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