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September 28, 2012

Research in Motion's New Leaked Video: A Brighter Future for BlackBerry?

For the third quarter in a row, Research in Motion is struggling against net losses. Still, the underdog smartphone retailer is not going down without a fight, and is slowly but surely making moves to turn its luck around.

Though overall the going has not been good, Research in Motion’s stock has been inching back up, recently coming back by a good twenty three percent—certainly better news than anyone on Wall Street expected to hear from the company that has been in not-so-great shape, recently.

The real heartening news to take away from Research in Motion’s recent lucky streak is that these numbers aren’t even taking into account their new biggest item. The company is still months away, rumored to be January 2013, from releasing the device that they are hoping will help them get back on top. When the BlackBerry 10 hits the market, Research is Motion is counting on it to improve business overall.

In a video leaked via Crackberry.com, it appears there will be two different styles using the Blackberry 10 operating system. There had been previous leaks of the new BlackBerry 10 only coming in a touchscreen model like so many of the Android and iPhone models, but, now, it appears that there will be a QWERTY keyboard model that BlackBerry has been known for years.

The video also shows a bit of the marketing approach that will be used to sell the new model by using celebrities like Lady Gaga, J.K. Rowling, and Ridley Scott to show the features of the new software. It is evident the Blackberry intends to catch up with the rest of the market with its new software; utilizing audio, video, photography and other editing procedures, RIM believes that they have a winner in the smartphone wars.

Even with the release of the new BlackBerry in 2013, it is still very likely that things will get darker for Research in Motion before the dawn. It’s very possible that the company will have a few more quarters of net losses, but it is still optimistic about the overall fate of the organization. It is sure to be a gradual rebuilding for the company, but hopefully over time, things will begin to look up again. Executives at the company believe that the new smartphone will help them through this less than ideal time, profit wise, and turn things around before long.

The BlackBerry, which has mostly fallen out of favor with North American customers, due to its emphasis on business rather than entertainment, is still very popular abroad. Executives from Research in Motion are making the rounds around the globe, promoting the new model and maintaining ties with still loyal customers. The BlackBerry 10 may just prove to be the gateway to bigger and better things for the stalling company.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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