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October 02, 2012

Movius Visual Voicemail Now Compatible with iOS6

Despite the confusion and jumbled messages that visual voicemail may sometimes cause, the technology is improving. Since its inception, visual voicemail has offered a convenient way to sort through messages, without having to listen to irrelevant messages just to get to the important ones. It also gives users the ability to see who left messages, how long they are, and the general idea of the voicemail. 

There are a number of benefits to the Movius Visual Voicemail Service, which offers a greater number of alternatives than traditional visual voicemail. For example, an executive who is stuck in a meeting can forward the message or reply by SMS. 

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The Movius Visual Voicemail Server recognized that a large segment of the people who benefit from their application use iPhones, making it imperative that their app be compatible with the latest iOS devices. With last week’s release of iOS 6, users have been quickly upgrading to the latest operating system and Apple devices.

On October 1, the company announced that their visual voicemail now supports 100 percent of the voicemail features native to iPhone on devices with iOS 6 or below. 

Movius president on CEO Dominic Gomez found it vital that Movius and Apple devices be compatible; “Apple occupies near legendary status in the mobile market for its functionality and design, not to mention large market share. We therefore knew that VVM had to be compliant with the popular iPhone voicemail application by integrating with the handset OEM's client protocol.”

Besides having unique features like voicemail forwarding, their easy-to-use interface is similar to an e-mail inbox, displaying which messages have been read, which ones have been replied to, and which ones are unread. Movius is also compatible with Android and Blackberry devices, making it accessible to the majority of smartphone users.

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