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October 02, 2012

PiFi Zone Unveils Propositions and Incentives

PiFi may be one of the lesser-known mobile devices on the market, but the company is certainly making bold moves to attain a firmer foothold in the public consciousness. The company’s answer to the smartphone is pitched as an affordable and high-quality alternative to more well-known brands of mobile technology, like Apple and Samsung. 

The device features Internet access and a design that purports to be lighter and more convenient than the iPhone. In addition to offering smartphone technology, PiFi also has its own Wi-Fi technology that can support ten PiFiZoneTM devices at once. These services come bundleD with text, data and voice for a monthly fee. 

PiFi is now attempting to secure funding and make its mark on the public consciousness through a crowdsourcing campaign. Pledges range from $5, which offers funders access to exclusive updates and promotions, to a standard $99 contribution, which rewards funders with one Funder Edition PiFi, to the $10,000 “Mega Distributor Pack”, which comes with 100 sets of one PiFi + one PiFiSIM + one-year subscription for PiFiDID-Toronto-416 or PIfiDID-Canada or PiFiDID-USA and the authorization to resell.

PiFi allows users to connect to the Internet from a variety of different devices, including tablets and mobile phones, which can be used for text, Internet surfing or e-mailing. Users can also download and send other files and data and engage in online chatting. Mobile roaming is available through this service to over 100 countries around the world. 

Additional features that PiFi is pushing through its new campaign are on screen displays of both call status and rates of costs and duration of any given call. Also, the service will allow for connection from a mobile device to a Web browser so that users can use calling functions online and well as off. Furthermore, calls between PiFi users will be free of charge within the network—including calls on mobile devices as well as from IP addresses. 

More than anything else, PiFi is trying get across to potential users exactly how much money than can expect to save by switching over to their service. The company claims that users can expect to reduce their costs by over ninety percent, depending on where one is switching from. That’s a pretty tall order, but with decent rates on roaming and international calls, PiFi may be a good alternative to other Wi-Fi and mobile services. 

So far, they have raised $1,482 of their $100,000 goal on IndieGoGo. They have 57 days left to meet their goal.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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