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October 11, 2012

Nokia Updates Belle FP2 OS

Nokia has issued an update to its Belle FP2 OS, following reports of problems by users.

Some of the problems users faced included not being able to install the update for Nokia’s 603, 700 and PureView 808 at all. The company has released a new version of the update for its Symbian phones.

Nokia had originally released the update back in July. Some of the new features included a browser that HTML5-based Web apps, some new widgets on the home screen, Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 and some imaging applications.

The update comes after the firm released the Belle Feature Pack 1 for its 700, 701 and 603. The update allowed users to overclock the processor of their phones for more power. It also included support for Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby.

Nokia is also showing evidence of greater integration with Microsoft. The 603 has support for Microsoft Lync, OneNote, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. Some of the new apps include Doc Connect, Broadcast, Public Transport, Joiku Spot, Poken, Quick Office and Shazam. A number of Nokia’s native apps remain though, including Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Ovi Music, Check In and Nokia Recommends.

“Symbian was definitely a powerful platform on its own. With the advent of other operating systems, it did lose a lot of steam, but it's still chugging on with these updates,” Shunel Doke wrote in Tech2.

As impressive as the platform was, it still has some shortcomings. “One of the main problems was the limited app store, but besides that, the interface, the media and everything else was very promising,” Doke added. “Symbian wasn’t too optimized though, and it did face a similar fate as Samsung’s Bada operating system. As compared to frontrunners Google and Apple, it didn’t really impress that much and Nokia itself started looking at Windows Phone as its future premier operating system.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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