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October 15, 2012

New Partnership Between Nimbuzz and Amobee to Extend Network to More Advertisers

One of the fastest growing mobile instant messaging applications and an up-and-coming mobile advertising company could prove to be a match made in heaven, and this is exactly what Nimbuzz and Amobee feel it will be.

Nimbuzz, a free instant messenger and phone app provider, will be partnering with Amobee, a provider of mobile advertising solutions. Nimbuzz will be utilizing the PULSE for Publishers platform of Amobee and combining it with its own system to give advertising partners access to Nimbuzz’s socially connected network.

This will allow for better and more targeted ads to be delivered to the more than 105 million subscribers on the network.

The PULSE for Publishers system is considered by many to be the best available on the market. This is due to the ease of use in configuring ones needs, the compatibility of working with various systems, and the security provided. The PULSE for Publishers also assists publishers in monetizing their inventories.

 Nimbuzz head of Operations, Joby Babu, is enthusiastic about the partnership; “With Amobee PULSE for Publishers, we can now offer large advertisers and agencies our highly relevant and contextually rich mobile inventory, giving them access to our desirable 100 plus million users worldwide.”

He considers Nimbuzz’s “deep understanding of its subscribers” the key to their successful mobile ad campaigns.

Amobee is equally enthusiastic. COO Mark Strecker said of the collaboration, “Nimbuzz offers high-quality mobile inventory on a global scale…The key to making mobile advertising a success for large brands is relevant impressions at scale.” 

This, he says, is exactly what the two companies will provide. “With Amobee PULSE for Publishers, Nimbuzz can truly realize the value of their mobile advertising assets,” he said.

This new partnership will offer advertisers a mobile inventory that will dramatically improve their return on investment. Advertisers will be able to utilize the media capabilities offered by Nimbuzz.

Edited by Braden Becker

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