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October 23, 2012

DENSO Corporation Welcomes a Partnership with Appcelerator to Create Compelling User Experiences

Appcelerator, a mobile platform company, announced yesterday that it was creating a development solution for in-car applications that will be fully integrated with vehicle information systems, through a partnership with  automotive supplier DENSO Corporation.

In an in-car environment, with the integrated capabilities of a leading automotive telematics provider and a proven mobile application development platform, this partnership enables the automotive industry to create compelling user experiences.

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Appcelerator's Titanium technology will be closely integrated into DENSO's NaviBridge Module, enabling any Titanium app to transmit points of interest, such as restaurant or museum locations, to in-dash navigational systems that support NaviBridge.

This partnership is the first comprehensive development and delivery solution involving software, hardware and services that indicates both parties leading roles in bringing mobile applications into non-traditional environments.

Doug Patton, SVP of Engineering at DENSO International America, Inc., stated that for them to merge their capabilities, this is a significant opportunity. After carefully studying the needs of the automotive industry and the safety considerations that must be built into every automotive feature, through its mobile development expertise and platform, Appcelerator has the tools to support them.

He added that DENSO greatly benefits from having access to Appcelerator's industry-leading development technology and its large ecosystem of mobile application developers, as mobile technologies become increasingly critical components of automotive telematics solutions. It aims to deliver the richest in-car applications and while maintaining the highest safety precautions for its customers; it will empower the automotive industry by working together.

Because DENSO is a trusted supplier to automotive manufacturers, this partnership grants Appcelerator's developer community unique access to an environment that is typically unavailable.

"As one of the world's top suppliers of automotive telematics solutions, DENSO provides outstanding validation for the applicability and extensibility of the Titanium platform for opportunities outside traditional mobile devices," said Sandeep Johri, COO for Appcelerator.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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