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October 25, 2012

Diversinet Corporation Releases Update for its MobiSecure Platform

Diversinet Corporation recently released an update to its platform MobiSecure that is designed to increase its security and offer more features than ever before. The new version, 4.5 focuses on helping providers deploy information quickly and securely through mobile applications.

Just two weeks ago, the company was awarded a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for its MobiSecure technology. The new validation, which is a North American standard for proper use of encryption, is required for use in U.S. and Canadian government communications systems to protect data. So, when a company gets validated, you know the information you are transmitting is as secure as possible.

Since the unveiling of the added functionality, the company has continued to listen to its customers and thinks people will be happy with the latest upgrade.

“Our new MobiSecure Version 4.5 will enable healthcare organizations to more efficiently engage and activate patients in a meaningful way,” said Dr. Hon Park, Diversinet CEO, in a statement. “We listed to the market, and we added significant features to help our customers innovate rapidly with mobile applications while overcoming concerns about protecting personal data.”

Some of the updates Park’s referred to will include autonomous alerts, which will allow the application to send out a message without needing a cellular or wireless connection;, application wakeup, to enable devices to issue alerts regardless if the app is opened or not; and remote data wipe, which allows the user to remove/erase any personal information stored on the device incase it gets lost or stolen.

 “Healthcare’s understanding of engaging patients/consumers in health and healthcare is evolving and many in healthcare are attempting to determine how best to engage and activate our patients in a meaningful way,” added Park. “Diversinet’s platform supports this rapid innovation for patient engagement.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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