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October 29, 2012

SlimPort Mobile Device from Analogix Simplifies Mobile Display

Mobile devices are getting more powerful, achieving 2.0GHz processor speeds in some of the latest models. Although this allows them the capability to perform most functions, the size of the display can sometimes limit the functionality of the device – not to mentions the strain it puts in your eyes.

The new line of SlimPort accessories from Analogix Semiconductor gives mobile devices enabled with SlimPort or MyDP (Mobility DisplayPort) the ability to connect to larger displays. The adapters can be connected to computer monitors, TVs and projectors for work collaboration or watching your favorite entertainment in comfort.

According to the company, the adapters will be available for a new generation of smartphones and tablets, with SlimPort capability coming into the market in the next couple of months. The new devices will have true full 1080P HD at 60HZ. Consumers will be able to display media on any size screen without losing quality, while at the same time preserving battery power.

The adapters will support HDMI, VGA, DVI and DisplayPort display standards through microUSB cables.

“Using next-generation Smartphones and tablets with integrated SlimPort products combined with SP accessories will make it easy to own most any screen wherever you go. Multi-screen multi-tasking will become a reality, while sharing content with friends, family and colleagues will be simpler than ever” said Andre Bouwer, vice president of marketing for Analogix.

The company has launched slimportconnect.com to offer information regard availability, support and place of purchase for the products. Currently, the SP1002 is available in Europe and the United States through Amazon.   

The new specification gives consumers a standard which they can use to improve the range of mobile devices without being tied down to propriety adapters. By using the SlimPort adapters with MyDP certification, Analogix is overcoming many of the obstacles associated with power adapters, cables and other peripherals that have made sharing hardware in the past cumbersome.

“The VESA MyDP specification, based on globally adopted DisplayPort technology, was designed specifically to make media sharing high quality and intuitive to connect,” said Mike Engbretson, chief technology engineer at Granite River Labs. “We are very pleased to have certified the source silicon for the industry’s first MyDP product, and look forward to working with Analogix and their customers to certify SlimPort active adapters and mobile devices. MyDP certification is critical to the successful launch of SlimPort and assures customers that the products meet expected compliance and interoperability requirements.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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