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November 05, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Reaches Victory

Samsung Electronics has announced in a mere 37 days, the Galaxy Note II smartphone has sold over three million units since its official launch date. Samsung took over the top spot in third quarter sales as the top smartphone manufacturer and with staggering figures likes these; they do not plan on relinquishing their position any time in the near future.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was released in February of 2012 with high expectations, despite the concerns for its size.   The Note was one of the first 5-inch smartphones and became known as a “phablet” by many people. The label “phablet” is due to its size; being larger than most smartphones, yet smaller than any of the tablets on the market. Some worried that it would be too big to function properly as a phone, but too small to function properly as a tablet.   Despite the critics’ misgivings, the phone became immensely popular and now, Samsung is back for round two with a new, improved version of the phone that will satisfy business users, as well as their existing market. 

Image via www.samsung.com

The Galaxy Note II was first released in its home country of South Korea in September 2012, then globally in October. Due to the great success of the original Note, and now the Note II, it has caused many smartphone manufacturers to begin producing larger than average smartphones. This includes Apple, which has now increased the screen size in its newest iPhone 5.

The huge success of the Galaxy SIII and the Note series of smartphones have caused Samsung to jump to the pinnacle of smartphone production and these two phone series account for more than 70 percent of the quarterly sales for Samsung. Even though Samsung and Apple control 46 percent of the smartphone market worldwide, Samsung more than doubled the sales of Apple in the last quarter with 56.3 million units.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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