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November 08, 2012

Evernote: Add Notes with Automatic Archiving

The users of text application mysms will be happy to discover that Evernote has developed a new feature that will allow users to archive their text messages automatically when using Evernote on their Androids, Windows, iPhones, PCs, and Mac computers. mysms is a cloud-based system that allows text messaging on various mobile devices and will allow users to use their phone number to sync messages between phones, tablets and computers. This new feature will allow all communications to be stored in the free cloud service and to be saved in Evernote.

People who have a mysms account linked with Evernote will be given an option to have their messages saved to a specified folder automatically. This will allow users to be able to access crucial information from a text message within Evernote.

Evernote is a service that was developed in 2008 for note taking and archiving notes. The notes that can be stored in Evernote can come from various forms of communications: text, photographs, voice notes, Web pages or even handwritten notes from a tablet or smartphone. Once taken, these notes may be stored in folders and then tagged, edited, commented on and sent as a large filed called a notebook.

Information that is stored in an Evernote account is also stored on an Evernote server, more commonly called a cloud. This will allow users to access their notes via their smartphone, tablet or computer. Users that choose to not take advantage of the cloud portion of Evernote can download the program from the website and use it on the device in a limited capacity.

There are two different alternatives available for users of Evernote. The first is the free version, which offers users plenty of options, but it does have some limitations when compared to the paid option. The paid option is available for $5 a month or $45 a year and offers 1,024 MB of monthly storage, as opposed to the 60 MB available on the free version. It also comes free of advertising and allows for more editing options than the free version. Whether using the free or the paid version, Evernote is a solid choice for storing messages and notes, and now with mysms, it will attract even more followers than it currently has.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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