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November 12, 2012

Localytics Becomes Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner

As the world gets more and more mobile, the face of advertising and engagement has quickly started to change. Advertising through apps has become growing market, making it important for marketers to be able to measure the efficacy of their methods. Localytics provides users with app analytics and app marketing, supporting over 400 million Apple, Blackberry, Android, and Windows devices.

Today, the company announced that they are a Facebook mobile measurement partner, allowing their users to attribute Facebook mobile app install ads, as well as the ability to measure the impact that those ads have on engagement, acquisition, and the overall lifetime value of those ads. The company has moved quickly to make this possible since Facebook made mobile app install ads available to all developers in October and this new service is one that will, undoubtedly, be considered a vital part of mobile marketing.

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One of Localytics’s existing clients, Astrid, an Android and Apple-based task manager, is excited about this new development. Their co-founder, Jon Paris, stated, “Now Facebook provides a great opportunity for social discovery and app install advertising and Localytics helps me measure the long-term success of these campaigns.”

Some of the key features of Localytics include: rich, full HTML in-app messaging, the ability to segment by user profiles and behaviors, campaign management, performance reports, the ability to integrate with CRM systems and e-mail systems for out-of-app marketing, and real-time triggers based on in-app usage. 

There are no app upgrades required for new messaging. There are a number of plans available, including a free plan for developers and independent publishers, and there are trials available for all levels of service. Anyone who wants to request a demo to see how the new Facebook features work or any of their existing features can do so by visiting the Localytics website.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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