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November 15, 2012

Latest Report by Dell'Oro Indicates Nokia Siemens Networks is Making Strong Gains in Mobile Telecom Equipment Market

According to new research by Dell’Oro, a major research firm in the telecom industry, Nokia Siemens Networks has made strong gains in the market of mobile telecom equipment this third quarter of 2012.

This has narrowed the gap between other market leaders Huawei and Ericsson.

Nokia Siemens reported a record third quarter profit last month, with a view of business deals that helped to build new high-speed wireless technology networks. This marked a significant turnaround for the partnership that Nokia and Siemens entered into during 2007.

Stefan Pongratz, an expert Dell’Oro analyst, said Nokia Siemens Networks witnessed a good quarter, primarily driven by revenue that was realized by Softbank and KDDI.

According to the report by Dell’Oro, the overall market share of Nokia Siemens rose to a whopping 20 percent from 18 percent in the last quarter. The telecom research firm also estimated that the venture overtook the number-two position of Alcatel-Lucent in the market of high-speed wireless technology networks.

With this sudden leap by Nokia Siemens, telecom market leader Ericsson witnessed a drop of 34 percent in its overall share, compared to 35.5 percent in the last quarter. However, the market share for the number two telecom company, Huawei, remained unchanged at 22 percent during this quarter as well, reported Dell’Oro.

The telecom equipment makers are witnessing significant price pressures, with only slower investments by the telecom companies. A report from Dell’Oro states that the overall market share shrank to a drastic 11 percent in the third quarter compared to the last year. This is indeed a staggering fact expected to affect the telecom industry in a significant way.

But despite the overall drop in the telecom industry, Nokia Siemens has witnessed a major gain in market share, surging the position of market leaders in an impressive manner.

According to the report by Dell’Oro, there has been significant gain in market share for Nokia Siemens Networks, which even outshined the share in the last quarter. This is a major turnaround for the company, ever since both entered into a partnership in 2007.

Nokia Siemens Networks is the world’s second-largest LTE radio access network vendor in revenue, as reported by Dell’Oro earlier.

Being a major specialist in mobile broadband, Nokia Siemens Networks enables end users to operate better and more efficiently than before, with the intelligence and effectiveness of a mobile network that can maximize the value and services for the end users.

Nokia Siemens Networks is a global mobile broadband service provider, enabling end users to operate with one of the most efficient mobile networks in the world. From GSM LTE, the company has pioneered each generation of advanced mobile technology.

Edited by Braden Becker

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