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November 20, 2012

SAIC Works with Motorola Solutions to Promote RhoMobile Suite to Potential Customers

Motorola Solutions, a global provider of communications solutions, and SAIC, a global provider of IT, engineering and technology services and applications, have started a partnership to create a new approach for the next generation of mobility solutions.

Both companies cater to the needs not only of businesses, but of the U.S. government with which they both have important, large-scale contracts.

Through this partnership, SAIC will leverage Motorola’s Rho Mobile Suite to offer reliable, secure mobile solutions to its government and enterprise users, while extending mobile services to its customers.

With RhoMobile Suite, users have complete control over how applications work on devices. The suite has the benefit of working with any personal or enterprise mobile device whatever the operating system; it works on Blackberries, Windows-, Apple iOS- or Android-based devices.

Since RhoStudio consists of OS-independent, hardware-agnostic applications, anyone can quickly create robust mobile applications and be sure they’ll work across the board. This results obviously in savings and time, as applications can be created in a single version to work on all platforms without problems or differences due to diverse operating systems.

This is a free and open source framework, based on a true HTML5 Web-based application development platform, comprised of three applications: RhoConnect for quick access to business data, RhoElements for applications creation, and RhoStudio to test and debug apps.

The latest suite, RhoMobile Suite 2.1, offers a high level of security through PKI encryption and includes support for building desktop (“Big Windows”) and iOS 6 apps.

SAIC is currently planning on using Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile technology to create applications and provide application management services through its Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC), which is one of its enterprise-wide solutions that provides customer-centric IT services to global customers.

The firm intends to market the RhoMobile Suite to 1.5 million potential IT clients.

As a result, the ISMC is also able to deliver hosted environments that can satisfy any requirements (including ISO 27001 requirements) and Federal Cloud FedRAMP/FISMA certified path, which can be used by Motorola’s software partners and customers.

The partnership between Motorola and SAIC will no doubt benefit both companies, as well as their customers by offering expanded possibilities in the growing mobile market.

As the vice president of Motorola Solutions Federal Sales department stated, “The combination of SAIC's certifications and Motorola Solutions’ leading products present an opportunity to deliver even more value to our customers, in many cases using business models not previously available. This will help drive the larger mobility agenda…”

Those interested in the RhoMobile Suite can visit Motorola on its website.

Edited by Braden Becker

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