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November 26, 2012

Blackberry 10, Best New Browser?

Blackberry mobile devices have always fallen short with users when it comes to Web browsing. That could be a thing of the past, as Research In Motion is boosting its new Blackberry 10 to handle the desires of its customers.

The once-popular Blackberry mobile phone was fallen from grace for many of its users. What was once the most sought-after device, is now at the bottom of the list when it comes to smartphones. Apple’s iPhone and various Samsung Galaxy devices have now taken over. This has occurred largely due to larger screens, touch technology, more apps, and better Web experiences offered through iOS and Android platforms, rather than the smaller screen and a less responsive Web browser found on the Blackberry.

Blackberry has been hanging on with its superior e-mail service and design for business users. As of late, this has not been enough for them to stay competitive, as business people want to be entertained on their phones and the business applications are more plentiful on iOS and Android smartphones. Research In Motion has realized the newer trend and is combating it by creating a much-improved Web browser that may be considered the best Web browser in the mobile operating platform arena.

Recent tests comparing browsers shows that the Blackberry 10 far surpasses the iPhone’s Safari browser, and it has become only the second mobile browser to clear Ring 1 on the Ringmark test for browsers. The Blackberry has scored a perfect 149 out of 149 on the Ringmark test and has scored in the high 400s on HTML5.com test. The iPhone is only scoring in the high 300s, and the Blackberry 10 is even outperforming Google Chrome on desktop computers.

Matthew Staikos wrote on the Research In Motion developer blog, “The browser team here at RIM has been working closely with the HTML5 experts at Facebook, who developed the Ringmark HTML5 test suite, to ensure the BlackBerry 10 browser would meet the standard. By meeting the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark standard, developers can add a level of advanced functionality to their HTML5 apps and be confident that the BlackBerry 10 browser can execute the app without problem.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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