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November 28, 2012

Rudolph Technologies Software Purchased by Unknown Buyer

Rudolph Technologies designs global software used for semiconductors, flat panel displays, light emitting Diodes and solar products. A premier manufacturer in mobile devices has purchased the Genesis Enterprise Yield Management software to assist in producing high-definition displays for mobile devices. 

As demand for higher-tech devices surfaces, the ability to match this demand must also be met.

Lee Labua, senior applications manager in Rudolph’s data analysis and review business united, noted that some HD displays for mobile devices now have more than 600 pixels per inch. He stated that many of the processes used in manufacturing them are similar to semiconductor processes, and “at these sizes, they are becoming vulnerable to similar types of defects and process variations.”

Although this might be some cause for alarm, Labua reassures, “HD manufacturers are able to leverage yield management software developed largely for semiconductor manufacturing to achieve significant improvements in process yields.  Not only do they get better performance from processes already in production, they can also ramp new processes to production yields faster.”

The company that purchased the software from Rudolph Technologies is still being kept quiet for the moment, but Labua did have something to say about it; “This particular sale was to a company formed by a recent merger, and the purchase decision was based in part on previous experience with Genesis Enterprise software within the merged companies.”  

“The selection process involved a competitive evaluation,” he said, “and it was the speed, reliability and ease of use of the software, combined with an established history of excellent support, that persuaded them to continue with Genesis in their newest facility.”

With Labua’s clues, the public can make its own speculations as to who the mystery buyer is.

The Genesis Enterprise software contains parametric yield management tools that will allow manufacturers to determine domain-specific issues, like spatial irregularities and sequencing problems. 

The data management and connectivity features will allow for smoother incorporation between the Genesis Enterprise software and existing systems used by the company.

Edited by Braden Becker

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