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November 28, 2012

Identive Group Champions Near Field Communication with Tagtrail

Identive Group, Inc. has announced the release of its Tagtrail cloud-based mobile service at the WIMA NFC USA 2012 conference in San Francisco. Tagtrail will make it possible for retailers, advertisers and various other groups to present their services and content to consumers through near field communication (NFC).

Near field communication started catching people’s attention when it was used on mobile apps, such as Google Wallet, as a way of making payments for merchandise without having to physically carry cash or a wallet. There are many other ways of using near field communication from a smartphone as well, such as sharing music, photos, or files in social situations. 

The pairing of Bluetooth headsets with many of the newer smartphones, especially Androids, are performed via near field communication.

Quick Response (QR) Codes were originally developed for the automotive industry to identify automotive parts. Now, quick response codes are being used to identify many other products and are becoming preferred, instead of the traditional barcodes, due to the fact that they can contain much more information and can be used to help monitor consumers’ buying habits.

 In a recent statement, vice president of mobility and NFC Solutions for Identive David Holmes described the significance of Tagtrail; "Following beta trials, the commercial availability of Tagtrail now allows organizations of any size design, launch and dynamically manage mobile advertising or information campaigns, using NFC and QR code technology to deliver personalized content into consumers' mobile devices.” 

He went on to mention that thanks to Tagtrail’s Web-based administration console, it’s easy to program and update NFC or QR tags with multiple variations of content. This means it is possible to provide each person who taps a tag with personalized information. 

Tagtrail also has potential for consumers, who can use it to automate digital tasks, such as Wi-Fi pairing.

Edited by Braden Becker

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