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December 04, 2012

DigitalRoute Now Allows Users to Tap Enhanced 4G Opportunities with the Release of New MediationZone

DigitalRoute recently announced the release of its new MediationZone 6.0, available for general use. It is expected that the core operational capabilities and enhanced features of this product will help the customers of DigitalRoute to optimize their standard data infrastructure further, also helping them identify the lucrative opportunities for increased revenue generation.

The new functionalities and improved performance characteristics will combine to redefine how the enterprises address the challenges of data management to top increased revenue opportunities. This is especially true for Communications Service Providers, with the fourth generation mobile networking systems set to flourish in the year 2013. The key highlights of its new MediationZone release are:

  • High-performance tools to improve development efficiency, particularly for teams
  • New GUI delivering an efficient way of working
  • Improved operations handling
  • Improved functionalities to reduce complexity and load in OSS and BSS architectures
  • New, improved options for configuration, improving performance remarkably
  • Self-sufficiency features with one-click upgrades

Workflow Bridge is the primary advanced feature in MediationZone 6.0 version, which enables high-performance scaling. It has been observed that the new advancement can bring increases in performance, almost 10 times more; a key feature that most service providers and vendors will be interested in.

Workflow Bridge also allows real-time features to be readily available in batch environments, which has been exceptionally difficult because real-time is multi-threaded and batch processing is single-threaded.

DigitalRoute has designed and developed an automatic method of scaling multi-core CPU architectures, which allow the batch-based processes to be immediately transferred into real-time.

In addition to Workflow Bridge, MediationZone’s Usage Management feature is also important, not only supporting the batch and hybrid counting in an environment, but also in creating a dynamic bucket with unlimited hierarchies for multiple services in multiple vertical industries. As a whole, the release of MediationZone 6.0 takes the already-established characteristics of the product to a completely new level.

At the same time, certain new functionalities that can increase the strategic value of MediationZone have also been introduced, in addition to other key features mentioned above. With this new release, the users can significantly benefit from the combination of enhanced performance associated to increased processing speed for intricate processing scenarios and cost efficient scaling, and a new functionality that reduces the complexity and load in OSS and BSS architectures.

“MediationZone 6.0 enhances the product that is already the first choice data management solution for over 260 Communications Service Providers around the globe today," said Thomas Vasen, vice-president, Product Management, DigitalRoute. "The new release will enable users to continue reducing costs and improving their company's ability to move data between systems, whilst quickly being able to identify and exploit new commercial opportunities.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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