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December 05, 2012

AT&T Expects Even Higher Smartphone Sales

AT&T had had to readjust its original thought on smartphone sales, as current demand shows sales figures should be at least one million more than the originally projected 25 million smartphones to be sold in 2012.  

This new surge is largely due to the 6.4 million smartphones that have been sold in the first two months of the last quarter of the year.

The demand for Apple’s iOS-based iPhones, Samsung‘s Galaxy line of Android-based smartphones, and Microsoft’s Windows-based smartphones has been staggering. There has been recent good news from AT&T for the struggling Nokia, as its newest smartphone line, the Lumia, is selling very well and inventory has become hard to maintain.

The once-powerful mobile company Nokia is putting its fate of the company on the new Lumia line of smartphones, and has taken a more colorful approach by offering smartphones in vibrant colors, instead of the traditional black, gray, or occasional white it used to, and the firm is using the Microsoft Windows 8 platform. 

If the Lumia is successful, it may head keep the company’s head above the bankruptcy waters and AT&T will be an added source of assistance for Nokia, if sales keep rising.

AT&T has reported that over five million customers have purchased its data share plans in the last four months – an indicator of the amount of smartphones that are currently being sold. Another promising figure is that nearly a quarter of the five million that have bought data packages have bought the 10 gigabits or higher packages, which means a higher monthly charge to the customers for the higher packages and more money for AT&T.

The new data share plans makes it possible for multiple mobile devices to be used on a single plan. This has become very popular, since there are many people who have more than one device with which they need to access the Internet.

Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s Mobility chief executive, says that approximately 15 percent of the users of the data share plans are customers who changed over from unlimited data plans.

Edited by Braden Becker

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